Growing up

July 26, 2009

Last night I joined a Naxxramas 10 pug for fun, consisting by quite a few decent players on the server. We broke every boss record I had saved from when my own guild did Naxx, and all in all it was a great run. Shooting a competitive look at the damage meters every now and then, I could proudly admit to doing pretty allright DPS. And then it hit me. Holy freaking shit, I’ve actually evolved as a player. Me, Karazhan-queen of pugs, has taken a few steps forward. Holeeh. Shiat. It was strange. I’ve always just been thinking about myself as “just there” in raids, and suddenly I had something to compete with. This good and glorious revelation got me thinking.

Pulling out a more than reasonable DPS set my mind back to the days when DPS was a thing I’d never heard of. It took me back to the time when a specc consisted of putting an equal amount of talent points into each tree. (I mean. If putting them into one tree was good, putting them into all of them had to be superhuman.) And yes, it put me back to the days I spammed general channel with just “LFG”, as I wanted to tell the world I was looking for a guild. Strangely, they all laughed at me. My loneliness in WoW remained a mystery for me for many, many levels.


Yet I kept on with my discovery of Azeroth. Looking back at how my game went at that time, I’m incredibly amazed by how I did not just decide to roundhouse kick my computer into the wall in frustration. As I’ve been leveling up my alt a bit these past weeks, I’ve discovered even more about how much I missed of WoW on my first character. I mean, I never knew what Wailing Caverns was. And that RFC they all spoke off, wasn’t that some kind of drink? Low level-instances passed me by, and I never even knew a second that they existed. However, upon actually discovering my first instance, Uldaman, nobody can say I didn’t try my best. Hell, at one point I recall doing the dungeon ten times a day, thrilled that I actually could interact with people in WoW. Yes, World of Warcraft, the MMO, suddenly showed me what those two capital Ms represented. I couldn’t get enough.

I shared this story with a random guy I met while running around in the Scarlet Monastery the other day, and he almost didn’t believe me. “You played WoW like that, and didn’t give up on the game?” It never even hit me to abandon on my discovering back then. Every new turn I took, I noticed something new, I learned something fresh. I gained knowledge of how reporting sights of hostile Alliance players was a good thing, but retarded when yelling about how I spotted them in Southshore. (I was young and stupid, and oh-so-proud to be the first to announce they location in general chat.) I learned how mobs with that golden frame around their portrait, usually was equal to the term “fucking annoying bitches”. Everywhere I turned my rotten and undead little face, new facts lurked in the shadows.

Sometimes I lean back and think of these days. And you know what? There are occasions I miss them. Every now and then I wish I could be okay with equipping agility-weapons on my mage, and just be proud because it was a blue item. Every now and then I actually do.



July 21, 2009

I’ve always thought I am a dpser. Well, I still am. My way of WoW is still filled with living bombs, arcane blasts and blizzards. Quick glances at my Recount happen just as naturally as breathing at times, and being a mage is still my true calling in Azeroth. However, last night something happened to me. Something that shook me like an earthquake and left me staring at my monitor with a blank stare and hints of drool on my chin. I.. Okay, I… I can’t say it. But I’ll try. Because last night, I… I tanked two instances. AndIhadalotoffun. There. I’ve said it.

This whole scarring experience started with a random whisper to join Razorfen Kraul on my little druid kitten. “Ye, sure, I’ll dps a bit. You don’t want me as tank, haha.”, I replied with joy and no suspicion. Little did I know about what gruesome scenes the night would bring. After some time I received a summon to the thorn-infested instance, and cheerfully jumped around in my stealthing cat. We pulled the first pack of piggies in there, and after a few seconds I noticed how something felt a little off. The gears up in my brain started to turn, and all I could think was Why does this feel weird? Suddenly someone typed the answer in the chat. “We have no tank. Moosayer, you be tank. Go go!!1”. I suddenly felt cold shivers down my spine. What was he talking about? I’m a damage dealing monster kitten with sharp claws made for damage. Da-ma-ge. Not tanking. Damage. I was scared, and could almost feel the cold sweat pop up on my forehead. I was so shocked, I just shapeshifted into bear form and ran into a few mobs. Traumatizing I tell you.


After a few minutes I suddenly felt some even more confusing and troublesome feelings. Fear? No. Horror? Nay. Insanity that would make Yogg-Saron seem like a tired granny? Nein. It takes a lot of courage from me to admit this, but I felt joy. I had fun tanking. My inner mage was howling out in fear because the mobs were so damn close to me, but somehow I managed to enjoy the experience. Tanking at a such a level isn’t much of a challenge, I’m perfectly aware of that. But it was something disturbing and yet enjoyable to suddenly find myself at a whole new position in an instance. Me, the mage that lives and breathes dps, suddenly was the one taunting to left and right. It felt strange, as I never thought I’d enjoy such a thing. But well, now I’ve learned the importance of slipping away from your ordinary role and jumping into a new one. Traumatizing? Definately. Fun? Hell yes with a cherry on top.

Still hungry?

July 20, 2009

So. Still hungry for more blog posts you sink your hungy teeth into, even after reading up on my hatred for goblins and dreams of old people gaming? Well, let me tell you, so am I. I love to read through all the blogs I can get my hungry hands on, and because of this I’ve gathered up quite a list of blogs I need to visit every day. Some are serious, some makes me wonder what drugs the author are taking. All of them usually catches my interest pretty fast. I’ll intruduce you to a few of them if you act nice and hold my hand.

  • PinkPigtailIn The Pink Pigtail Inn is the first WoW blog that I really fell for, and even tho I made a short post about it while still being located at Blogspot, I still need to rant on a little about it. Just a tiny, tiny bit. The thing about this place, is how well every post is written. The topics chosen are not always something that I have an interest in, but as it’s so skillfully written and done, I still suck in every word. You won’t find any boss tacts, loot info, good speccs or teoricrafting at this blog, but you’ll find thoughts that might make you warm up that little old and dusty head you’ve got yourself.


  • standing in the back in my sissy robes is not one of the blogs I’ve been following for the longest of time, but after discovering it I haven’t been able to put it down. Some of the humour in the posts reminds me a bit of that of quite a few of my friends, and I would be a liar-liar-pants-on-fire-with-sugar-on-top if I didn’t admit to grinning at the monitor while reading a lot of the posts. The looks of he blog is simple and clean, while the posts are amusing and interesting.


  • Postcards from Azeroth is my most recent discovered blogging treasure, and what a treasure it is! It already feels like I’ve spent hours looking at the postcards this blog has to offer, which really is a bunch of amazing images of Azeroth. Tired of beating your head against the ugly tentacles of Yogg-Saron? Hungry to discover some beauty in this game again? You know where to go now.


  • If standing at the back in my sissy robes felt like the friends I have, Critical QQ sure as hell is the friend you wish you had. There’s something slightly insane hovering above this blog at times, something you need a fix of every once in a while. From WoW marathons to mage discussions, this blog is where I head when I need to get my moods up. As the author both shows great blogging and mage skills, there’s no way I’m not showing my support to this place.


  • Having written a bit about some pretty funny blogs, I might seem careless about what happens in WoW. But oh no no no, that’s not the case. Whenever there’s and update at /officerchat, you’ll find me with my nose stuck deep into the troubles officers and GMs might go through while being in charge of a guild. I am none of these things, but I think it’s nice to have some information with all the things they go through and think about.

And well. These are just a tiny collection of blogs I like to poke my nose into, looking for updates and giggles. In addition to these, there are also blogs like The Barrens Chat and Defeat Dragons + quite a few more. I’m a curious one, I like to read the thoughts of others. How about you?

Greedy goblin galore

July 19, 2009

After reading up a little on MMO-Champion and the Blizz forums today, I nearly wept. I felt my heart curl up and die, and my emotions were balancing on a border between insane sorrow and manical laughter. Have you heard the newest rumour regarding the next expansion?

Yes. They’re telling us that the character you might get to dance and prance around with at the next expansion, might be a goblin. Yes. A fucking green freak of a fucking goblin. I don’t do goblins. Really, I don’t. Some people don’t like ketchup, some loathe the music of Backstreet Boys. But I tell you, that’s nothing compared to the feelings I’ve gathered up for the goblins. I just don’t like them. I’m not going to rant on about how they’re disgusting and greedy. Christ, I’m playing undead. The race that’s in the Horde just to be able to do as they please and have sadistic and evil fun. That I can live with. Little ugly green creatures with squeeky voices and pointy ears however? Nay. Nay, nay and a thousand more nays.

I remember reading the Harry Potter-books as a young girl. I loved them. They had battles, they had magic and they had some pretty decent characters. Just like WoW. But then you had the house-elves in the novels. Freakishly small creatures with psycho voices and horrible looks. Wait, what? Sounds familiar, doesn’t it? Well, yes! They’re like undercover goblins! There were times I chose to skip pages while reading Harry Potter, just to get rid of those annoying little pests. But now what? How am I going to be able to skip seeing little green monsters in Alterac Valley, or in Stranglethorn Vale? I use enough energy trying to stay sane while visiting the auction house in Booty Bay or taking the zeppelin. Please Blizzard, do you really want to cause a poor little mage to completely snap?


If your plans really are to give us goblins to play with, chances are that you’ve already started the breeding of these pesty monsters. So, just to be nice, I’m not going to ask you to take all those freshly born freaks and just dump them away somwhere. No, no. I’m not that cruel. I have however a few tips on how to use all these oh-so-wrong-and-green-men:

New warlock-spell: Sacrifice goblin: The warlock summons a goblin from a secret place and sacrifices it in the most brutal way. This gives the warlock a buff that will make him almost as imba as us mages for 2 minutes. After that, he can rip out the guts of a new goblin.

New hunter-ability: Slaughter goblin: Might seem a bit similiar to the warlock-spell, but does in no way involve summoning of any kind. The hunter just digs up a goblin from the newly designed goblin bags, and sacrifices this to his pet. Preferable the most violent one and in a brutally sadistic way. As blood and intestines fly, the hunter and its pet will get a buff like the one the warlock is given.

New mage-spell: Nuke the shit out of goblin: This wonderful and superb new spell involves the mage summoning a portal that hundreds of goblins will wander out of. The mage will then automatically cast Living Bomb, Flamestrike and then a Pyroblast in the end. As the scorched remains of the green beasts lay smoking on the ground, the mage will gain the buff “Happy.” Which just makes the mage incredibly happy. (I know it would make me a happy mage.)

So… Any workers of Blizzard out there interested in my ideas? I am myself awfully ready to recieve my new Nuke the shit out of goblin-spell, so I’ll just kick back and wait for it to pop up on the PTRs. I know you can do this, Blizzard. Pretty please?

Being dumb for dummies

July 19, 2009

I’m usually a pretty cheerful person. I don’t shit rainbows or unicorns, but I do my share of smiles and positive thoughts, even giggles when needed. I’m usually not provoked too easily, and it takes a little work to melt down that grin I wander around with. However, what really gives me headaches and a mental rash the size of Orgrimmar, is the ignorant asswipes that I occasionally run into while playing my beloved game. That little collection of brain dead scum WoW houses is probably now too big. But my God, how much they manage to annoy me those times our paths collide.


In this post I was originally throw some flowers around me and praise Azeroth during the glorious summertime, but no, not anymore. Not after pugging Obsidian Sanctum with another drooling dumbfuck that really made my fists ache to fly through my computer. I decided to behave tho, and will rather gulp up my thoughts here. There are probably a lot of questions to ask upon meeting idiots, but mainly there’s one huge one that sits on my mind now. Where do they learn to be such idiots?

I mean, did I miss the “How to be a jerk for dummies”-class when I installed my game? Does Blizzard give out a small and random selection of instruction booklets regarding stupidity to some of those that decide to play this WoW? Is there a class in ignorance and fucked up behaviour that I forgot to attend to? Sometimes I wonder. And then I wonder how these low-lifes of Azeroth behave when they’re not represented by pixels. Are the ones who roam around Dalaran and Orgrimmar as pure bitches that way while logged off as well? Or are they kind souls who only feel alive when expressing intolerant opinions while ruining the gaming experience for others? Were they bullied as kids, or were they the ones giving out punches in the schoolyard? Did their mums drop them on the head while young, or did they even throw them into the wall like bowling balls? I wonder.


I’m not going to make a whole report on why people are idiots. Some just are. But sometimes I got to wonder, why do people feel such a need to fuck up the fun for others? What the hell do you get out of it? How stupid do you have to be, to think that acting like a bloody fool will make the game give you a better experience? These are some of the questions that brings out my inner thinker today. (Others are “Why is chocolate so yummy?” and “What makes us mages so insanely much more sexy than other clases?”. But that’s not relevant just now. Even tho they are pretty nice things to think about.)


July 16, 2009

So, I heard that leveling an alt could be a great way to get rid of some stress and enjoy the game from a low level view again. Because of this I rolled a druid some time back in the days, eager to feel my stress vanish like epic loot in front of a happy ninja. I brought a loveable little cow to the world, let it giggle as it mooed around, and spent my time picking on lvl 2 boars. Life was good. For some reason tho, I let that little calf sleep in the Crossroads for months and months. Until now.

As the summer vacation hit me like a blastwave with hopes of relaxation and good times, I noticed how my guildies went on vacation and watched all chances of a 25 man raid wither away. Like the mana of a sucky healer, like my HP when engaging in combat, you name it. So after staring helplessly at Dalaran for some hours, Orgrimmar some more and the wall in my room for the rest of the day, I realized I needed something to do. I needed some way to have a little fun in the game, some way to see Azeroth from another angle. I needed all the things they said an alt would bring. And yes, then I dug up my little druid cow.


And well, there I was. A tad confused in the middle of the deserted Crossroads, glaring at my little low lvl with a pretty retarded look. Yes. Fun. That’s what I’m aiming for. So I ran into the Barrens and spammed wrath on some zebras. Wasn’t that bad really, on some points it was like playing a more furry version of my lvl 80 mage. Feeling my motivation rise slightly, I picked up the pace and watched my baby calf ding a few times. I started to gather up talent points, and before I knew it I was watching the back of a little stealthing kitty. And the fun? Growing, growing, growing. I enjoyed myself like a fat kid at Burger King.

Then came the time I started to wonder where to execute my killing sprees, and I got a little restless. Hillsbrad Foothills? Yea, sure. Cleared all the quests I could find, until I suddenly faced a bunch of lvl 30-something nagas. I was 24. Being a generaly optimistic I kicked on my stealth and did my very best. About 4 seconds later I believe I used the word “fuck” about ten times in guild chat. My happy-happy alt time got a little not-so-happy wound, bleeding negative thoughts. So I realized I was on a bit too deep water, (no crappy pun intended, mind you,) and headed into a little farmer city to kill some humans. Things went great, really. I stealthed like the imba rogue kitten I am, and pulled a little man to beat him up alone. His HP sank as my optimism rose, and the whole naga nightmare was nearly forgotten. Until the son of a bitch ran away in fear. I mean, hell, if I’m that terrifying, I’d rather have them freeze up and stare at me like deer caught in headlights. But nay, that little whimp ran away to all his friends; a bunch of sissy-sissy-boys in robes. Again my guild chat trembled under my foul language.


Looking for a new chance to boost my once-so-good moods, I turned my bloody nose towards Ashenwale. Mmmm, a quiet forest with little sunlight and big, comfortable trees. Everything I needed. I picked up some quests and immediately headed to kill some stealthing night elves next to our camp. They fell like flies, and life was all good again. My confidence rose again, and I thought I had found that golden feeling of enjoyable leveling once more. Strutting with optimism and cheerfulness I prowled my way into the camp of some whimpy satyrs, and could feel my ding creep closer for each breath I took. Until I noticed that the satyrs had imps. The motherfucking shitfucks of screwed up Ashen-fuckin-wale had fucking imp-fucks to guard them. And I fucking hit the dust. And you know what? I logged off. I suddenly remembered why I had the that little furball rot on the shelf. Having an alt is not getting rid of stress, it’s the best test of anger management you can find online. I’m not giving up on this cow, I’m not. I’m just kicking back to find more swear words and some inner peace to get rid of. Because that’s my way of alting.

Fresh and new

July 15, 2009

So. Here I am again. Moved from Blogspot to WordPress to breathe some new and fresh blog air, and to see if I could dig up some of the nice and neat inspiration again. The flow of blogging mojo in my veins have been pretty weak lately, so I’m trying to buff it a bit with environment changes both in my blog and in Azeroth.

From now on I will try my very best to keep this little blog baby running.LorienWave

Summer, summer, summer

June 26, 2009

I am an awfull blogger right now, but as I haven’t had a real summer vacation in years, I’m going away now. I bet my guild will down Yogg when I’m down, I bet the new patch will cause trails of tears to appear all over Azeroth, and I bet you all will have a great time in the sun. I will be back to rant about more random WoW thoughts, but now I’m going to the Roskilde festival in Denmark to enjoy life.


You know how new places usually has a little tint of inspiration to them, a little fresh breeze of new ideas and thoughts? Well, that’s how my new job is at the moment. (I do take care of people for money tho, so the fresh breeze isn’t the most common thing when I think about it. More a little flow of ideas, floating on a wind of prune juice and adult size diapers. But yes.) The thing is, walking around with grannys and wheelchairs really got me thinking about how the world’s gonna look like when this mouse-clicking, keyboard-bashing gamer generation grows old and wrinkled.

Currently we have retirement homes stuffed with a set of old people that grew up with war, potatoes and hard work. Coffee with some dry cookies is the best snack, and if you can’t talk about the weather for an hour continously you’re weak. If you’re even thinking about picking up a hobby, there’s really no use bothering to do anything but knitting. That’s them. Now what about us?

Even tho I haven’t been employed for more than a few days, I must say I’ve started to imagine how people easily could replace that line of knitting baskets with a nice set of computers. Or how one of the countless coffee sessions the old peeps have during a day, easily could be pimped up a little bit by introducing them to Red Bull and Mountain Dew. Because, thinking about it, I’m damned sure old people won’t stay like old people are now, when my teeth fall out and my body starts sagging. The world’s evolving, and most of us that are young now don’t even go a day without internet and all sorts of handy gadgets. I’m just curious of how we’ll take it with us when our hair turn gray and and having teeth is the kind of luxury few of us care about.

Just imagine, about ten or fifteen 80-year-olds sitting on a line, roaming around in Azeroth while sipping on a can of prune flavoured Red Bull. They’re all dressed up in stretchy pants and diapers while nuking the shit out of Arthas’ grandson, and it’s ages and ages ago since they dinged level 180. I’m kinda flirting with the thought now. Tempting, no?


June 18, 2009

The author of this blog has recieved the achievement [Last Exam of The Year] and recieved the epic loot [Top Grade]. Because of this, blogging will again be a part of the schedule, and the world will be a good and grand place to live once more.

In addition to this, the following word needs to be screamed out: YAY!