Oh hai.

I’m a pretty private person, so I’m sorry if you expected my full name and adress, and few youtube-clips and a shot of me in a tiny bikini. Not happening before Molten Core freezes over and Illidan Stormrage dances in his underwear with Arthas. While singing the theme song from the Friends TV-series. It’s true. What I can do however, is show you the characters that mean the most to me, dished up with a little information about myself. A little.


Consolea/Naïve – age 19 – Student

These are my two most common nicknames on the internet, when I’m doing anything related to World of Warcraft, and not using my character names. Why? No idea. Just like them. As a person I’m the kind that needs her daily dose of metal music, geeks and fashion. An odd combinatioon, yes. I still breathe and need it. My WoW-career’s lasted about two years so far, and I don’t see it stopping any time close. I love this game, and can’t put it away yet.


Lorïen – lvl 80 – mage

Having only bothered to level up one character to the top, Lorïen is my true baby in Azeroth. The combination of mastering the arcane arts together with a funky smell of rotten flesh is just about everything I need from a character. In desperate tries to show my love to this forsaken hottie I like to give her some epic presents every now and then, and currently they tend to come from Ulduar. Lovely.


Moosayer – lvl 25+ – druid

Moosayer is my weak and ambivalent atempt to raise an alt in Azeroth. Our realtionship balances on a fine edge between mad rage and loving smiles, and this is probably the combination that causes her to grow up pretty slowly. But she’s a patient kitten, and as long as I work on her shitty gear and random quests every now and then, she’s a happy cow.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Ercles said

    Metal, music and fashion… I’m having real trouble picturing how you are IRL. And I totally agree with the privacy part. I wouldn’t do bikin shots either.

  2. Naïve said

    Haha, I’m pretty much what I seem like. A metalhead and fashionlover with some pretty geeky tendencies. And a strong, strong hatred for goblins. (Die, green little pests!) 🙂

  3. I wouldn’t do bikini shots either..

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