August 14, 2009

A little while back, Blog Azeroth had a shared topic on “Why are there so many/few <insert class> blogs?”. Personally I just answered that question in my own head after a few seconds. “It’s fun and interesting and you learn. And apparently, if you’re a resto druid, you have a gene forcing you to blog about it. Yes.” That was really the end of the story there. But then it hit me. “Why on Earth ain’t there more blogs about races?” I mean. I could easily blog on about how friggin’ amazing the Forsaken are, if given enough caffeine and patience.

First of all, one of the best things about us undead babes, is how we do our first steps out in Azeroth. To make a little contrast, I’ll first look a bit on how the Tauren are given life. They just pop on in Mulgore. Imagine taking a little stroll in those lush and calm fields, and suddenly, POP! There’s a tauren standing next to you, whimpering a little moo into the air and looking more than just a tiny bit baffled. I mean, where’s the logic in that? Every minute a little POP! fills the air of Mulgore, followed by what I can imagine must be a rather confused little moo. I would’ve crapped my shitty lvl 1 tunic i I were a tauren, suddenly just existing in the middle of some grassy fields with no knowledge of anything.


So, let’s now look at us, the undead sweethearts of Azeroth. When we’re born, we’re not really born at all. Or, maybe you could say we’re born again. The thing about being a forsaken is that we don’t just POP! and go “Moo?”, we just yawn and wake up after a pretty harsh sleep. We’ve been minions of the Scourge, ripping the guts outta our families and such, and now we’ve decided to prance around in the world again. Therefore, our beginning consists of us crawling out of a crypt, snarling at the visions of daylight yet again. Isn’t that just perfect? Then we head out into the streets to blow the head of what might’ve been our siblings, lovers or neighbours before the plague. I mean. That’s got some magic to it, don’t you think?

While scratching my head for a little while now, I think I’ve actually solved the mystery of the lack of race blogs out in the blogosphere. Could you imagine a tauren starting a blog about its own race? “Hello. I’m MooMoo the cow, and one day I just went POP!.” I’m not sure how many readers that would attract, other that more taurens commenting on it with “Omg, mooo, me to. That so happened to me last week, moo!” And then, let’s look at the forsaken. What would you have done after lying in a smelly crypt for ages? Rip the rotting heart of your old family and friends, or blog about it?

Case closed, yarr?


10 Responses to “pop!”

  1. Tamarind said

    I can’t remember who it was (curses) but somebody posited that restro druids are just inherently nicer than the rest of us 🙂

    • Naïve said

      I remember having read that somewhere aswell. But in this huge thing I like to call the blogosphere, “somebody” suddenly becomes so incredible hard to find. Trying to think of the resto druids in my guild tho, I’m not really sure if it fits. I can vaguely remember having noticed some rather threatening “Oh, watch it, or you’ll get no heals!” during raids.

  2. Ercles said

    I think the blog you’re looking for is pewpewlazers or something like that.

    Anyhoo, we don’t just go “Pop!”. It’s just that Blizzard don’t want to reveal the well kept secret about male tauren laying eggs!


    • Naïve said

      Oh God, Ercles. What would traumatize you the worst, a little “pop!” on a green and lush field, or a gigantic bull suddenly laying an egg in front of you? I’m scared.

  3. Jakkru said

    On a more serious note, regarding the blog.

    I think that if there was a blog about the races in World of Warcraft, it would run outta ideas, fast.
    I mean, you could go through the lore and then…You’d kinda hit a point where you could talk about said race anymore.

    • Naïve said

      Oww. I guess both you and theerivs have a point. Still, I’d love a little place on the net where I could check in every now and then, and just have confirmed that all us members of the Forsaken, really are the bee’s knees and the cat’ hat.

  4. theerivs said

    I had a dedicated blog in Warhammer online for Chaos race Chosen, you just don’t want to pant yourself into a corner being to specific.

    I would love to have a blog about just Forsaken Mages, but you can only have so many posts on how cool Cannibilize just is.

    • Naïve said

      I believe both you and Jakkru are onto a pretty decent point. If there however ever comes a blogger with the actual ability to write dedicated and heartfelt about Cannibalize every week, I will mail that someone my soul, all of my love and a box of chocolate. I’d love it.

  5. Ercles said

    I do think you could keep it going for quite a while if you included some of the vaste amounts of lore in it. I need to write a post about Taurens now…

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