Let me google that for you

August 10, 2009

…or, did you google something to get here? I just had a look at the statistics at my blog, and noticed what words people have searched on to get here.

I bring you top-statistics:

tentacles, elf, magic, warlock, story, sex, crystalsong forest, goldsell.

One of the words people have searched the most on to get here, is “tentacles”. Combined with the word “sex”. I mean, I can only imagine the despair one must feel, probably hoping to find a, hmm, “a magic story in crystalsong forest, with a warlock elf indulging in tentacle sex.” And what you end up with, is me flirting with WAR and moaning about my tier 8.5 gear.

I would’ve cried like a baby.


10 Responses to “Let me google that for you”

  1. Ercles said

    I bet you secretly tag all your posts with this stuff for more hits! 😀

  2. Sedgewick said

    haha wow. If only my search referrals were as humorous. My top 10 are the basic site name:
    officerchat, officer chat, ochat, guild officer chat, etc. Then it’s:
    “Raiding WoW Drunk”, “in my day, i didn’t have a level 80 to”, “i want to stop being so difficult”, “how to stop daydreaming”

    ugh. wtb tentacle sex.

    Enjoy your week. ; )

    • Naïve said

      I’m not really sure how I can enjoy any week at all, knowing that some of my readers enter this site really cheered up because they think they’ve finally found a blog about “warlock tenacle sex”. Scares me, haha. But ty 😀

  3. Rioriel said

    I bet if this were a WAR blog, they’d be a billion more tentacally-story-sexy warlocks. WAR 1, WoW 9001.


    • Naïve said

      After being scarred by life due to WAR, (read my newest post for explanation), I’ll never ever be the author of a WAR blog. Tentacles or not 😛

  4. theerivs said

    You don’t even want to know what my blog searched for. It’s pretty sick when I think of it. I was cracking a joke with another blogger, and said my blog site is a shemale porn site with more words.

    • Naïve said

      Oh snap. That one could boost the funky quota of search words quite a lot. Humm dumm, maybe I could gain some readers by secretly sneaking in some sexy words without people knowing it? “Today I went to Undercity. It looks sexy there. I met Sylvanas, I’d happily engage in wet lesbian kinky action with her any time. Was a good day in Azeroth.”

      Hm, no. Not feeling quite right.

  5. Tamarind said

    My hits are, err, unrepeatedle. Sigh.

    But personally I only come here for the tentacles. Why does anybody else? 😉

    • Naïve said

      Even I, the author of this blog, only come here for the tentacles. I mean, tentacles, sex and warlocks have to be the true meaning of the internet, and in other words life, right?

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