The tale of the traitor, pt 1

August 10, 2009

So, here I am again. Back from my sinful journey of betrayal, my travel through a world I never thought I’d be a citizen of. I’ve cheated on my mistress, my WoW, letting my hands grope all over that tempting little Warhammer: Age of Reckoning. Well, now I’m done. And truth to be told, I have a feeling I’m going to stay pretty darn faithful from now on.

The first thing I noticed about WAR was the amount of sexiness I suddenly found myself possessing. I accidentally flipped my camera wrong at the very beginning, so my introduction with my character was boobs. Boobs and a skirt. (I’m used to my little undead mage-lady. I’ve got cannibalism as a racial. Lacking some sexiness there, gotta say.) I’m guessing a lot of of people would love to be the next top model/Jenna Jameson of MMOs, but I really just felt a little bit weird. All the macho men ran around me in pretty decent covering robes, and I had to be a murderer in underwear. First impression? Feeling a bit odd, but yet curious.


The last character I brought to the world of Azeroth was a Tauren, which means I spent a little while running curiously around great green plains of Mulgore grass. Truth to be told, I was kind of expecting the same here, just with less cow and zen-like nature. Hell, was I wrong. It felt like as if the creators of WAR said to themselves “Fuck this easy and plain shit WoW’s got going on. We’re not going to be like that. We’ll top whatever they’ve got. And multiply it with a million!” From the very beginning of the game BoobElf and me faced a world filled with what felt like everything. So many NPCs, so many icons, so many… things.I was so stunned, it took me a few minutes so actually get into action. It’s really nice that WAR’s aiming for a start without boring moments, that’s for sure. But I don’t know if stepping into maddening chaos is the best way to enter a MMO.

After getting my act together I started to peak around a bit tho, trying to check out the graphics surrounding me. I’m used to hearing people mock the looks of WoW, so it would only be fair to check out what I’ve been missing. And I can’t really say that it felt like that much. Sure, somethings looked pretty allright. Looked a bit more realistic than Azeroth, yarr, sure. But I think that’s what set me off a bit. After playing on a little bit, it struck me how much I really love the looks of WoW. I’ve never put much thought into it before, but without knowing it, I’ve fallen deeply in love with the graphics Blizzard has granted its biggest MMO. I thank you for that WAR, you’ve opened my eyes on that field.

Yet, I must say, playing WAR have scarred my soul in such a way, I find it hard to just stay breathing. Why? Just for you, I’ll update with it tomorrow. It really has broken me as a person. Really.

(I this where I roar “Stay tuned!” with a really excited and tempting voice?)


6 Responses to “The tale of the traitor, pt 1”

  1. theerivs said

    I’m really intriqued as to your thoughts, being a WAR faithful for almost a year, and then returning to WoW.

  2. Ercles said

    Only shows that design > amount of pixels. Curious about pt. 2!

    • Naïve said

      I’ve finally realized how the whole realistic looks in graphic ain’t quite my deal. I told you all that cheating on WoW would make me love it more!

  3. Jakkru said

    I actually gave WAR a month of my time, seeing as I bought the game as my friend was raving on about it and I’m pretty much in agreement on the graphics part. It’s far to…grainy. I have to admit tho, the Black Orcs and Gobbo’s voices are what kept me playing up ’till level 14 but seeing as WAR is now gathering dust on my self while WoW is getting played I’m guessing it’s not the WoW beater it was promised to be…

    • Naïve said

      Damn, maybe I should’ve chosen something else than Dark Elf then. At times they kinda felt tlike Blood elves with a severe need of antidepressants.

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