How to fail at betrayal

August 5, 2009

So, I’ve been trying my very best to cheat on WoW the past 24 hours. Somehow I feel that karma reads my blog tho, as does a good job to keep me faithful. Because, well, as things are now, that damned WAR won’t work on my computer. It feels like I spent a whole day downloading the game and patches, and when I finally could fire it up, it just crashed and died. I’ve tried Google, I’ve tried punching my fist through my keyboard. Nada help in both solutions.

Therefore, to update it my experiment so far:

WoW: 1 point WAR: 0 points


2 Responses to “How to fail at betrayal”

  1. Fresh Donuts said

    You ain’t missing anything. IMO the graphics are not that great, and they really try to be like wow but on a PvP scale. For me just doesn’t work.

  2. theerivs said

    WAR is definately a different game then WoW. I am taking a break from WAR right now because I played a Chosen Tank from the get go, and frankly just burned out. . Need any tips or anything let me know. My brethern plays on Iron Rock

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