Me, the betrayer?

August 4, 2009

Sometimes there are things that feel pretty damn hard to admit to. Like the time I realized I liked tanking. As a person who’s never even talked about anything than spamming fireballs and arcane blasts her whole WoW-life, that felt pretty horrible to me. Melee was like sooo not my thing. Liek totally. Sigh, apparently it was. And I had to take back all the bad thoughts I had produced over the years, about melee being totally shit. This time tho, it’s worse. “Oh?”, you might say with worry in your voice and shivers down your spine. “What on earth could that be?”, you might question, with fear in your eyes and chills in your blood. I’m not sure I dare to say it.

Allright. I’m watching a downloader right now. The most probable thing here, would be that I was staring at the background downloader for the 3.2 content patch, that’s due to go live tomorrow. You’d expect me to glare at the patch notes yet again, cheering at the new druid skins and a whole new raid to see my mage die a millions of ways in. As scary as it might seem, I’m not. I’m, uh, well, kinda watching the downloader to the 10-day trial of WAR. Yes. Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning. A MMO that’s not World of Warcraft. I repeat, I’m downloading a game with orcs and goblins, and it’s not WoW. Spooky, ain’t it?


“Holy freaking chicken on a stick, have you gone mental?”, you’re asking? Oh no no, not at all. I haven’t even stopped loving WoW for the fraction of a second. Actually, what I’m doing, is an experiment to boost my love for Azeroth and it’s magic even more. You see, WoW was my first flirt with MMORPGs, and have more or less been my love since that day. Sure, I’ve watched my boyfriend toy around in both Guild Wars and Age of Conan, but I’ve never really cared much about those games. WoW’s been my thing from the very start. However, after feeling the love for my mage grow even more after tanking on my druid, I’ve been curious about how this could be tried out on other platforms . So, now I’m going to try another MMO, to see if I can fall any deeper in love with WoW. (Oh, the sweet taste of logical thinking. The girl loves one game, therefore she will play another one. Great strategy, great.)

I’ve been browsing a little on races and classes in WAR now, and it seems the game’s got kinda the same factions feels like WoW; one evuuuhl evuuuuhl faction that’ll destroy everything and everyone on any given occation (fittingly named, well, “Destruction”.) And as you might’ve figured, the other faction’s what appears to be a gang of nice guys looking for order and peace and all that dull crap. (The name of the faction? Just as exciting as they sound: “Order”. What was that, yawning in my blog are we?) I think my choice was made even before I thought of WAR tho. I’m going for the evuuuuhl ones. At the moment I’m thinking Dark Elf, as the other two classes are Greenskins (they have goblins. ‘Nuff said.) and some pretty decent monster-people that just don’t feel like my thing. I’m going for sadistic elf in leather bikini.

How will my feelings for WoW change after trying out that legendary grass on the other side? Will I ever be able to go back to Forsaken, after strutting around as evil sex with cleavage from here to infinity and beyond? I’m a bit nervous here. But hey, one needs to explore to grow. And now I’m like a scared little sheep, sniffing at that faintly glowing green grass on the other side of the field. Baaaah?


5 Responses to “Me, the betrayer?”

  1. O.o BETRAYER!!

    I have to confess, I played WAR on release. I even pre-ordered it. I also dabbled with Lord of the Rings Online for a month or two. They’re both good games in their own way, but.. well..

    I found that LOTRO did a very, very good job of doing exactly what it set out to do – put you right into Middle Earth. The problem for me was that once you got over the initial O.o factor of running around the Shire and Eriador, you realised that this was A Game That Took Itself Very Seriously, which is absolutely fine if that’s the kind of game you want to play, but I didn’t.

    Playing WAR I felt that this was a game that was trying desperately hard not to be WOW, and yet.. well, look at the public quests for example. Fantastic idea on paper, but in practice if you’re in the public quest area and there’s no-one else there with you, you are in effect sitting in the LFG channel saying “LFG Uldaman, PST”. Much is made of WAR’s 20+ character classes compared to WOWs’ 10. Yeah, except that the difference between some of WARs’ supposed unique classes is like the difference between an Arms and a Fury warrior, and WoWs’ 10 classes have three unique talent trees each, which makes them as unique as the difference between many of WARs’ classes.

    Also, the thing about shipping a game with a next-generation graphics engine is that the cracks are a LOT more visible than on something with a 5 year old engine like WoW. LOTRO is incridibly good-looking in this respect, WAR I found to be a little patchy. It’s also heavily afflicted with the WotLK “Every armour set for my class looks the same” syndrome.

    What WAR does have going for it is an evil sense of humour depending on which faction you play (hint: Destruction) and it’s by no means a bad game at all. I just felt that it was trying so hard not to be WoW that it didn’t really make much effort to BE anything.

    I’m sure you’ll enjoy it, anyway. The Dark Elves are fun in a sadistic kind of way, but try a Greenskin class while you’re there, very funny in a totally gross way.

  2. Ercles said

    I played WAR for about 3 weeks this spring. It was alright, had a lot of potential, but I ended up going back to WoW.

    On the good side there’s the Public Quest, which was a nice mix between regular questing and grouping. The PvP was _really_ fun, I’d dare say better than WoW’s. Unfortunately PvP only isn’t enough too keep me playing.

    WAR seems to lack what WoW does so well. I remember wearing several different chest pieces from level 1 to 20. _all_ of them had the exact some model. The maps are awful and there a several small things that bunch up to one big “bleh”.

    Still, I think you’ll enjoy some aspects of it and I’m looking forward to a review and some first impressions!

  3. Oh yes! PvP in WAR is actually fun, and I’m a hardcore pvp-hater. You play in level brackets similar to WoW, but in WAR if you zone into a level 11-20 battleground while you’re level 13, the game “gives” you an extra 7 levels worth of stats for the duration of the Battleground so you don’t get instantly pwnd. Considering that the end game of WAR is Realm vs Realm combat (something the developer did really well in Dark Age of Camelot) the amount of polish on the PVP aspect isn’t really surprising. Good to see, all the same. WOW is even stealing some of their ideas.

  4. Tamarind said

    Sooo…you’re gonna cheat on WoW in order to prove you love it? That’s logical.

    Well, I look forward to seeing how you go with War. To be honest, WoW is probably my first and only MMO love. M’Pocket Tank plays Warhammer on tabletops so she sees the appeal but I’ve never bothered so the world holds no imaginative appeal for me.

    Also I suspect with WoW being the field leader most other MMOs run the risk of feeling like WoW but not as good 🙂

    • Naïve said

      Ofc, ofc. If you really love someone, the one true i-love-you-performance is to cheat on them! (Hmm. Again, something seems a bit off in the logical thinking here.)

      It’s the same thing with me, there’s never really been anyone else than my beloved WoW. So if WAR finally decides to show me some good feelings and gives me the chance to actually play the game, I’m damn curious about how it’ll end. At the moment I’m having some, uh, technical issues 😛

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