Let’s cheer for short-shorts!

August 3, 2009

…or not. Really.

A few days ago I finally got my tier 8.5 chest, and felt pretty pleased with it at the occation. I bounced around the rest of my raid, and couldn’t wait to jump into a new and fancy dress. Well. That was until I got my cheerful litte ass back to Dalaran to buy the sexy new garment. I’ve never felt so stupid as a mage. Never.

Where the hell is my pretty-pretty magical caster dress? I’ve heard a few people nag on a bit about the looks of the gear, but I never really got it until now. And the whole thing is, not only does it look like I failed at washing my chest piece in the laundry and shrunk it down to a baby-size top, the lack of skirt on the robe also lets the pants sneak out. Oh, wait, did I happen to say pants? Sheesh, no no no. I’m a badass fighting flamethrowing, arcane spamming caster that fight ancient gods. I do it in shorts!


I mean. Come on Blizzard. Come. On.


9 Responses to “Let’s cheer for short-shorts!”

  1. theerivs said

    Yeah that ticks me off. I love my dresses…in a manly way of course.

    • Naïve said

      Ah, yes, same with me. Well, I love them more in a undead and spooky kinda way. Just not a girlie one.


  2. Ercles said

    On any caster class I use nothing but robes. Anything else just feels wrong. I have a feeling Blizzard got some sadistic art staff people. They create some amazing looking stuff, then suddenly decide to make something hardly anyone likes at all. They might just be trying to balance the awesomeness, like with Paladin tier 2 *drool*, the poor bubble boys haven’t had a good looking set since.

    • Naïve said

      I really can’t imagine a caster in anything but robes. This whole tank top image WoW are trying to squeeze my mage into, just ain’t my thing. I want magic and glitter and glam and joy. (And ponies and rainbows and bunnies!)

      Too little of that nowadays, too little.

  3. Ouch, that’s nasty! I actually like my Mage Tier 8.5 but since I’m human it actually looks the way it’s supposed to, as in this pic:

    Sucks to be you, I guess. Still, always the robes from the Coliseum to look forward to. Roll on 3.2!.

    • Naïve said

      Oh, wow. So that’s hot Tier 8.5 can look, without the whole shorts-image thing going on. Compared to my little let’s-have-fun-on-the-beach-and-also-raid-in-the-same-clothes-outfit, that actually looks… decent. I’m just sitting here, staring at the wall and waiting for my 3.2 patch.

  4. Aertimus said

    You would think by the time we reached this level of content we could find something that covered our knees…

  5. Bruiserry said

    Kick-ass article, great looking blog, added it to my favs!!

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