Reasons to keep it up

July 30, 2009

Sometimes I log onto WoW and feel a bit tired at what I see. I see my character pop up in Azeroth, only to face the same old gold sell spam in Orgrimmar as usual, the dull pugs with no sense of how to even kill a dying squirell, and the same old landscapes I’ve seen so many times before. I hate those moments, they really chew large bits out of the charming glow I know WoW can have. And as the kind sould I am, I will try to prevent you from having these moments aswell. How? Well, let me just introduce you to the fab litte list i like to call

5 things that makes Azeroth worth visiting over and over and over again.

(and over and over and over again some more. And some more. And then some.)

1: The guild chat

I’m dead serious. To me, the guild chat is an infinite source of laughs, giggles, grins and smiles. It might be that my guild consists of some of the most amusing and strange people I’ve met in game, or that I’m damn easy to cheer up, but when people type /g before they speak, the outcome is usually golden. With glitterig hearts around. Really, if I would be forced to play World of Warcraft without the legendary /g talks, the game would wither up and die for me. I need the insanity, the random people and the even more random comments. Not too tight with your guild? Pop a cold beer, squeeze out a half-hearted joke, and life will treat you good in no-time.

My example of guild chat win is the following screenshot, done when a poor guildie near died at his computer, due to what seemed to be insane pains in a odd part of the body:GuildChatWin

2: The thrill of the fight

Even tho just watching the guild chat for hours can be quite thrilling alone, there’s nothing like those seconds at the end of a hard bossfight, when you can count down the percentage of his health, dangerously getting closer and closer to zero. Will the dots be strong enough? Will the tank stay alive, will he healers have enough mana, will the dpsers keep it steady enough, will the enrage timer tick down slow enough? All those questions racing through you mind while you have to bounce out of fires, void zones, angry adds, really makes my heart beat a tiny bit faster. I love a good fight, I love to feel the sweet taste of progress in a raid. I mean, it’s a game called World of Warcraft. I need the feeling of war and kills every now and then. I need the war.

3: The eye-candy

People nag on about how old the graphics in WoW are, ranting about the magic and pixealted sexyness other games offer. Well. I love the looks of Azeroth, I really do. Lately I’ve found myself sightseeing large parts of Northrend by air, every day discovering more beauty, more eye-capturing details. As I said, I need the blood and death of the war to keep this game up. And the gorgeous scenes I stumble upon from time to time make such a terrific contrast to just this. The more I stare at the shiny looks of Crystalsong Forest, the more I enjoy trying to fry off the tenacles of Yogg-Saron. The more I gaze at the details in Grizzly Hills, the more I enjoy the dark corners of Ulduar. So tired of the same old raid sights all the time? Crawl up on your mount and do some sighseeing. I’ll do you good.LorienCrystalsong

4: The bugs

Uh. Whatthehell? Yes, one of the things that makes me giggle in Azeroth, are all the bugs the game can offer. “Holy crap, I walked through a wall, fell 70 yards and ended up on the back on a Kodo with two heads and a pretty foul smell.” It’s normal, it’s normal. And that makes it even more fun.

In one of my last Ulduar runs, I suddenly found myself dead. Doesn’t sound that strange, does it? Well, I found my corpse in Obsidian Sanctum. I just giggled, ressed and ran back to my raid with a huge grin on my face. When really funky bugs happen to me, I almost feel special. “Oh my God, the bug chose me!”

5: The love

Okay, so I keep my ass in this game because my guildies rub chili pepper on strange parts of their body. I’m staying so I can bite my nails seeing the HP of Yogg-Saron crawl down towards zero, and because there’s pretty pixels to stare at in this world. But you know what? The number one reason, the one yelling at me every time I log on and look around, is the damn love. It’s the people I’ve gotten to know while playing, on both good and bad. It’s the ones I can talk nonsense with at Vent, the ones that won’t go silent when I giggle out terribly bad jokes. They’re the ones making the game shine.


So, these are my reasons to not uninstall WoW every time it looks dull. These are the ones that cause me keep it up in Azeroth, and fights me away from picking up new hobbies. Like knitting. Or collecting shoelaces. What are you reasons?


10 Responses to “Reasons to keep it up”

  1. theerivs said

    Some awesoms points. I think it’s some of the relationships i formed with people in WoW that make me stay, but there’s also that certain sense of awe i get when I see a new, or even an old location the amount of detail they pour into this virtual world.

    • Naïve said

      In the end, I’ll have to say that my friends in the game are the ones that keep me logging in. I believe I would’ve been bored to the edge of insanity without my laughs and talks. Mulitplayer games are best with multiple players, for some strange reason.

  2. Tamarind said

    Omigod the chili thing. I’ve done that. Well, not precisely that but I’ve chopped chili for dinner and, despite washing my hands several times, gone on to … how can I say this … touch others intimately. As you can imagine all the points gained for cooking a romantic dinner were immediately lost. I think I probably went into negative figures in fact.

    Lovely post 🙂

  3. Naïve said

    Oh. My.
    Just, oh my.

    And then: Hahahaha! At the moment I’m too messed up with horrid images of chili and things being touched in my head, to make a reasonable comment.
    And thanks btw 🙂

  4. Ercles said

    As with you, it seems that it’s the social bit that keeps me playing. This is probably a foreign thought to most people who don’t play MMO’s, but if my entire guild suddenly quit playing, I think I might as well.

    When it comes to those who complain about WoW’s graphics, they seem to be focusing too much on the amount of pixels rather than design. LOTRO or WAR might have technically better graphics, but none of them can compete WoW’s art design team, in my opinion.

    • Naïve said

      I have to say the same. I’m not really sure how I would feel, I all the people in my guild suddenly just quit. I’m pretty sure I would’ve left WoW for a little while, and then head off to a new realm to check if the grass would be greener. Would feel all wrong tho. WoW, without all my guildies and friends.

  5. Requiem said

    Excellent reasons!
    And I have to agree on the whole ‘friends being most important’ thing. When I think back on the all the friends I’ve gotten from EU retail until today, it’s just incredible.

    Countless hours of late-night/early-morning ventrilo fun, whisper spam, guild LAN meetings etc etc. I (we?) might have spent a lot of time with this game, but it sure as hell delievers sometimes!

    Btw you write really good, don’t stop.

    • Naïve said

      First of all, thank you for your kind comment. Such words almost warm the heart of a Forsaken. Just almost tho, gotta keep in line you know.

      And ye, the people really makes WoW. Not too strange, as it is a MMO, but you know what I mean :p

  6. Jakkru said

    Hello there! I discovered this little blawg through my guildy and friend Ercles blawg and I have to say, definitly food for thought. I even got to thinking (gasp) and penned down a few of my own reasons in my own little blog.

    Keep it up!

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