July 21, 2009

I’ve always thought I am a dpser. Well, I still am. My way of WoW is still filled with living bombs, arcane blasts and blizzards. Quick glances at my Recount happen just as naturally as breathing at times, and being a mage is still my true calling in Azeroth. However, last night something happened to me. Something that shook me like an earthquake and left me staring at my monitor with a blank stare and hints of drool on my chin. I.. Okay, I… I can’t say it. But I’ll try. Because last night, I… I tanked two instances. AndIhadalotoffun. There. I’ve said it.

This whole scarring experience started with a random whisper to join Razorfen Kraul on my little druid kitten. “Ye, sure, I’ll dps a bit. You don’t want me as tank, haha.”, I replied with joy and no suspicion. Little did I know about what gruesome scenes the night would bring. After some time I received a summon to the thorn-infested instance, and cheerfully jumped around in my stealthing cat. We pulled the first pack of piggies in there, and after a few seconds I noticed how something felt a little off. The gears up in my brain started to turn, and all I could think was Why does this feel weird? Suddenly someone typed the answer in the chat. “We have no tank. Moosayer, you be tank. Go go!!1”. I suddenly felt cold shivers down my spine. What was he talking about? I’m a damage dealing monster kitten with sharp claws made for damage. Da-ma-ge. Not tanking. Damage. I was scared, and could almost feel the cold sweat pop up on my forehead. I was so shocked, I just shapeshifted into bear form and ran into a few mobs. Traumatizing I tell you.


After a few minutes I suddenly felt some even more confusing and troublesome feelings. Fear? No. Horror? Nay. Insanity that would make Yogg-Saron seem like a tired granny? Nein. It takes a lot of courage from me to admit this, but I felt joy. I had fun tanking. My inner mage was howling out in fear because the mobs were so damn close to me, but somehow I managed to enjoy the experience. Tanking at a such a level isn’t much of a challenge, I’m perfectly aware of that. But it was something disturbing and yet enjoyable to suddenly find myself at a whole new position in an instance. Me, the mage that lives and breathes dps, suddenly was the one taunting to left and right. It felt strange, as I never thought I’d enjoy such a thing. But well, now I’ve learned the importance of slipping away from your ordinary role and jumping into a new one. Traumatizing? Definately. Fun? Hell yes with a cherry on top.


7 Responses to “Traumatic”

  1. Tamarind said

    Oooh, congratulations or not being responsible for the death of a bunch of folks in adequate armour (which is how I tend to feel about tanking). Sometimes a change can be really thrilling. Like a new hat, making you feeling suave and dashing and exciting, even though you loved your old hat very dearly and will probably default back to it in a couple of days 🙂

    • Naïve said

      Haha, maybe I can think of this whole thing as a hat. Or shoes, I love shoes. And at the rate I repeatedly run RFK nowadays, my shoes will hopefully be worn out soon, so that I can recover from my shock and embrace my mage again. (But oh God, what if the shoes are mail? Or even worse; plate?) Oh snap.

  2. Sedgewick said

    I’ve recently fell into the same shoes as you… except the tank/resto druid is the main, and my alt is a newly 80 mage.

    Craziness I tell you, pure craziness.

    • Naïve said

      Aaah. I would love to fall into the new and exciting mage shoes again. I loved exploring on my mage while she was leveling up.

  3. You just reminded me of the first time my druid, Shinano, had to tank anything, except it was Scarlet Monastery at level 36. Terrifying, and yet exhilarating at the same time, once you get over that initial ohshitohshit moment and realise you can actually do it. In fact, I think you just inspired my next blog post, been a while since I wrote anything about how awesome druids are. 🙂

    • Naïve said

      Even tho I’m still a bit overwhelmed by the whole ohshitohshitohshit feelings, I’m starting to love the whole feral druid thing. I’ve never even done melee before this, I’m dancing around in a fresh new world.

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