Being dumb for dummies

July 19, 2009

I’m usually a pretty cheerful person. I don’t shit rainbows or unicorns, but I do my share of smiles and positive thoughts, even giggles when needed. I’m usually not provoked too easily, and it takes a little work to melt down that grin I wander around with. However, what really gives me headaches and a mental rash the size of Orgrimmar, is the ignorant asswipes that I occasionally run into while playing my beloved game. That little collection of brain dead scum WoW houses is probably now too big. But my God, how much they manage to annoy me those times our paths collide.


In this post I was originally throw some flowers around me and praise Azeroth during the glorious summertime, but no, not anymore. Not after pugging Obsidian Sanctum with another drooling dumbfuck that really made my fists ache to fly through my computer. I decided to behave tho, and will rather gulp up my thoughts here. There are probably a lot of questions to ask upon meeting idiots, but mainly there’s one huge one that sits on my mind now. Where do they learn to be such idiots?

I mean, did I miss the “How to be a jerk for dummies”-class when I installed my game? Does Blizzard give out a small and random selection of instruction booklets regarding stupidity to some of those that decide to play this WoW? Is there a class in ignorance and fucked up behaviour that I forgot to attend to? Sometimes I wonder. And then I wonder how these low-lifes of Azeroth behave when they’re not represented by pixels. Are the ones who roam around Dalaran and Orgrimmar as pure bitches that way while logged off as well? Or are they kind souls who only feel alive when expressing intolerant opinions while ruining the gaming experience for others? Were they bullied as kids, or were they the ones giving out punches in the schoolyard? Did their mums drop them on the head while young, or did they even throw them into the wall like bowling balls? I wonder.


I’m not going to make a whole report on why people are idiots. Some just are. But sometimes I got to wonder, why do people feel such a need to fuck up the fun for others? What the hell do you get out of it? How stupid do you have to be, to think that acting like a bloody fool will make the game give you a better experience? These are some of the questions that brings out my inner thinker today. (Others are “Why is chocolate so yummy?” and “What makes us mages so insanely much more sexy than other clases?”. But that’s not relevant just now. Even tho they are pretty nice things to think about.)


One Response to “Being dumb for dummies”

  1. Ercles said

    Because they can. Without any consequence whatsoever. And considering the amount of idiots you run into in RL, I’m not surprised there is plenty to go around in Azeroth as well, where it’s even easier to be one.

    Oh, and I do all my auctioning in Thunder Bluff. Peaceful and quiet, and in my opinion better looking than Orgrimmar.

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