The golden oldies for gamers

June 22, 2009

You know how new places usually has a little tint of inspiration to them, a little fresh breeze of new ideas and thoughts? Well, that’s how my new job is at the moment. (I do take care of people for money tho, so the fresh breeze isn’t the most common thing when I think about it. More a little flow of ideas, floating on a wind of prune juice and adult size diapers. But yes.) The thing is, walking around with grannys and wheelchairs really got me thinking about how the world’s gonna look like when this mouse-clicking, keyboard-bashing gamer generation grows old and wrinkled.

Currently we have retirement homes stuffed with a set of old people that grew up with war, potatoes and hard work. Coffee with some dry cookies is the best snack, and if you can’t talk about the weather for an hour continously you’re weak. If you’re even thinking about picking up a hobby, there’s really no use bothering to do anything but knitting. That’s them. Now what about us?

Even tho I haven’t been employed for more than a few days, I must say I’ve started to imagine how people easily could replace that line of knitting baskets with a nice set of computers. Or how one of the countless coffee sessions the old peeps have during a day, easily could be pimped up a little bit by introducing them to Red Bull and Mountain Dew. Because, thinking about it, I’m damned sure old people won’t stay like old people are now, when my teeth fall out and my body starts sagging. The world’s evolving, and most of us that are young now don’t even go a day without internet and all sorts of handy gadgets. I’m just curious of how we’ll take it with us when our hair turn gray and and having teeth is the kind of luxury few of us care about.

Just imagine, about ten or fifteen 80-year-olds sitting on a line, roaming around in Azeroth while sipping on a can of prune flavoured Red Bull. They’re all dressed up in stretchy pants and diapers while nuking the shit out of Arthas’ grandson, and it’s ages and ages ago since they dinged level 180. I’m kinda flirting with the thought now. Tempting, no?


2 Responses to “The golden oldies for gamers”

  1. spinks said

    So true! Im glad I’m not the only person that thinks ‘Hey, when I’m retired, old, and withered, I’ll have all day to play MMOs!!’

    More seriously, I bet it’d be good for staving off senility. Playing games has to be good for keeping your mind active.

  2. magicandmadness said

    I’ve been thinking a lot about it myself while working with my crew of 90-year-olds, the whole deal with games and all the things that happen to old people sooner or later. And as games makes you think and focus on different elements, I’m hoping I’ll be able to game on until I start pushing daisies, both to keep my mind fresh, and to have fun.

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