I, undercover monsterkiller

June 12, 2009

I have a secret identity. You might see me on the bus, cuddled up with some band t-shirt and a glossy magazine, and you’ll never know my secret. You might stand behind me in the line at the coffee shop, you might stumble upon me at some party or dance with me at a club. If life treats you good, you might even talk to me some time. And still, you will never know that I am an undercover, super magical, totally amazing and truly brave monsterkiller. When you most probably sleep, I kill dragons. When you take your daily shower, I’m slaying gigants. Yes, I live the secret life of an undercover monsterkiller. And you’ll never know unless you are one yourself.

Reading through my last post, I started to think about how a lot of people have no clue about my little hobby and love: WoW. Here I run around killing ghouls, dragons and titans like they’re bugs, and most people have no clue at all. I tragically lose my life in an accident with some suspiciously moving piles of slime, and not even my mother would care or know. And you know what? I love it! There’s something special about having a little secret, knowing something that no other person around has a clue about. Or, even better, when there is someone around you that does have a clue.

Every once in a while I’m in the same area as WoW gamers that have crawled out of their litte holes, and into the oh-so-terrifyingly-bright sunlight. In many situations we cross eachothers paths without knowing that we both crave epics like vampires crave blood, and consider mana pots to be better than alcohol. (In raids that is. The wonderful elixir of alcohol can do wonders at the right time.) However, there are times one of us might wear a t-shirt that has some tiny joke about Warcraft, like those with “Less QQ, more pewpew” printed on them, something like this, or something more like this. The clues might be tiny, on the border of nothing and pixie dust, but everytime my eyes find something like that to feast on, my heart skips a little beat. There’s another undercover saviour in my range!

If I ever run into some fellow geek at a party, I scream out about raiding and epics like the rest rant on about Lady GaGa, new cars or cheating boyfriends, much caused by the wonderful elixir mentioned earlier. (For some reason, alcohol takes away the “undercover” part of my secret. Go figure.) However, I’m not always prancing around drunk. Would’ve been an entertaining life for a little while, but nay. And when I’m sober, clean and cheerful, I don ‘t yell out about how damn sexy mages are, or that male belfs belong in Queer Eye for the Straight Guy. (And not as the ones getting help with fancy cupcakes and designer shoes.)

When I meet people with visible signs of being fellow-Azerothians, I just smile. I want to walk up to them and tell them how my guild’s getting dangerously close to killing Yogg-Saron. I ache to mumble on about how I’m worried about the next content patch, and how I’m looking forward to the next battleground. Still, I just look at them and pull off a shy oh-I-know-how-you-spend-your-evenings-consuming-flasks-and-killing-titans-in-Ulduar-smile. So, what I really want to do now, is to suggest we all make a secret little WoW-gamer-greeting. A little flick with your hand or a wiggle with your fingers, that makes the other Azerothian understand your secret. (I could rip my shirt open, crawl on top of a car and yell out “For the HORDE!”, but that would quite possibly kill my undercover status.) All in for a secret greeting, yes, yes?


3 Responses to “I, undercover monsterkiller”

  1. Mel said

    Va i helvete ;O
    Jävla mupp ❤

  2. Consolea said

    R U rude? :<
    (you know i'm retarded, haha)

  3. highlatencylife said

    I'm a party animal of sorts, and when people find out that I'm a network administrator, or computer nerd their quite shocked.

    Oddly enough my guild knows all about my drunkeness. I pop in after a night at the clubs, and scream "For the Horde!", but it comes out " Bleh Blah Hordes"

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