"Can’t you just pause it?"

June 9, 2009

The other day I entered my brother’s room, just to have “Here, take over this for a little while”, and then suddenly noticed how I was playing a death knight i Naxxramas against my will. (This resulted in me screaming at the screen for a few seconds, yelling “What the fuck is all this plague shit? Oh God, oh God, the mobs are so close to me. Ah, AAH, I’M DYING!”. Really wasn’t the most comfortable WoW situation I’ve been in. I’m used to being a mage. We do things on a distance. A safe comfty distance. Safe.) However, the fact that I kept howling out that I was about to die, made my mother curiously pop her head into the room. (Oh, yes, the wonders of living at your parents for a few months.) After reassuring it was only a game that was about to take my life, she bluntly asked why I didn’t click the pause button. And I just stared at her. As I tried to explain to her how I was playing together with 24 other persons around the world, she just stared blankly at me. “…sooo. No pause button? How stupid.”

Thinking about it, I realized that even tho it felt like I was talking to a brick wall, it wasn’t the first time I’d been in a situation like that. The inhabitants of the realm of RL usually gives me a /blank stare when I try to let them into my little world. One day I even tried to explain the wonders of my favourite game and the raids and stories that lies within, to my boyfriend. He’s even tried the game, among several other MMORPGs that he’s poked around in, and still I felt like that little “special” kid trying to explain some silly stories. He just laughed at me and smiled his ah-well-i’ll-try-to-care-cause-you’re-my-gf-smile. (Okay, that particular situation might’ve consisted of me trying to tell him the whole background of the warlock lore. Which made me explain everything about the orcs, as they’re pretty relevant. And well. It took some time.) Still. I get that smile everytime I even dare to whisper words like “Ulduar”, “epics” or “raid”. It’s like I’m some silly little kid, trying to explaing about a dream I’ve recently had, or some visions I’ve had in my made-up fantasy world.

Thinking back to when I was at a lower lvl in my life and still did instances like the shitty school I once went to, I remember how the people playing WoW were looked upon as, well, shit. Back then I didn’t know squat about the game, and thought like most people: it was like some bad addictive drug that would make you flunk out of school, get fat and die alone. Well, almost. The word on teh street really did put WoW in a bad light tho, and it took me quite some time to realize it wasn’t some evil narcotic that would fuck you up on the level of heroin. It was just a game, a fun hobby. My guess on why people, including myself, was so sceptical to the game, falls upon one the strongest instincts of man: fear of the unknown. Hell, while the rest of us were running around like boneheads on a football field, some freaks were sitting in front of a computer, playing games all day. Why would they do such a thing, what was wrong with them? Were they afraid of people, was that why they would sit there with no contact with people at all? Few of us knew that they probably talked to more people online one night, than we did in a week.

The thing is, even tho there are a few gamers among the people I spend my time with, WoW is the game that people laugh at, and giggle “Oooh, addict!” when you try to talk about the it. Hell, even when people try to talk about WoW and guild relatied issued to me on Vent and such, I stutter a bit and go silent, because I’m used to not being able to really talk about it in more than three sentences. Just because the players on the realm of RL know so little about the game, and know nothing about the addictive and sad side that the media, it’s one of the “bad” games you can play. Sure, you see a lot of headlines in newpapers yelling how kids playing WoW have fucked up their lives on front of their computer, strutting around in Azeroth. But honey, darling media. If you need to seek comfort that badly in a game, couldn’t there be some factors on the outside aswell, that makes the virtual world more appealing than the real one? WoW isn’t the bad guy in all of the suvere cases of wowus addictiva. And you see, playing the game has a lot of good sides that the media forgets to focus on. About six months ago or something, I read about a kid who survived meeting a moose in the woods, because he used feign death. In real life. (Yes, he just let himself fall down, limp like a wet mitten. And lived.) Apparently he remebered how it worked from the game, and used it in that situation.

My solution for this whole WoW-is-bad-and-those-who-play-it-are-geeks-with-no-life-at-all-rumour, I vote that all members of mankind is given a little gift bag with WoW, a game card and a folder named “Understanding geeks for dummies”. This, in addition to public classes with information about the game, the way it works and why it doesn’t attempt to screw with your little brain, would be the optimal solution. And then, then I can play my brothers DK again, filled with panic and fear, but with no silly questions of pausing the game. Instead I would hear my mother adwise me to use plague strike, while unicorns danced in the backyard and donuts rained from the sky. Oh, I dream.


4 Responses to “"Can’t you just pause it?"”

  1. Mel said

    haha pro post FB

  2. highlatencylife said

    It's funny how people in my real life don't understand my gaming for lack of a better term, I'll say habit. Yet they all flock around the TV like lemmings to watch American Idol, or some other popular show, and they say I have no life. While they mindless drool at the next Idol, I am engaging in strategies, talking to people over vent on how to solve a problem, creating teamwork, or maybe just joking around.

    One of the best times of my life, was when I was surrounded by gamers at my job and we discussed gaming all day almost.

    It's funny when I meet another WoW player, it's like were in a secret fraternity. We should all have a handshake. LOL!

  3. thebarrenschat said

    Since FF for some reason is borked up I've had to resort too using IE to comment *shudders*.

    I've actually managed to get the general idea (at least sort of) of how the there is no pause button into my parents head, I consider my self blessed.

    On the whole WoW-hatred thing, I just don't get it. I guess it's fear of unknown, and it's not "normal". And you have to remember that the very meaning of life too most teenagers is to be considered normal.

    This will sound cheesy to a non-MMO player, but most MMO's are _more_ than just a game. It's not like a single player game. But people who haven't tried it just can't seem to wrap their heads around the concept of playing with others in a virtual world. And I think most WoW-players consider it a hobby, which makes non MMO-ers raise their eye brows even higher.

    I still remember the time when I was sitting in class (this was 2-3months after I had started in a new class) and the guy sitting next to me gets a text, his message sound was the murloc mating call thingy. I ask him "Was that a murloc?" and at that exact moment we both realize that we both play WoW, but no one mentioned it because we both assumed that no one was interested.

    Oh, and longcomment is long, btw.

  4. shadowygoodness said

    "it was like some bad addictive drug that would make you flunk out of school, get fat and die alone."

    I don't think WoW is a drug. But websites with information about WoW are.

    So, do you have any posts about the new p-p-patch?
    /wipes nose.
    Have you heard anything new? Do you have any screenshots I can see? H-have you been in the test realms? Gotta check the forums.
    /scratches face and looks around nervously.
    A friend of mine has a hook-up, he says he can get video of the new druid forms in combat. Gotta check the forums. They might nerf JC. I might have to retrain professions. Will I have to respec?

    I'd keep going with this joke, but I have to go. I hear Ghostcrawler might have made come new comments. I need to go check. Have you read them yet? I can get a copy for you. If you could just post a screenshot of the patch.

    Gotta check the forums.
    Gotta check the forums.

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