Play that funky music

June 8, 2009

So tell me, when you sit down at your computer, launch your WoW, drool a bit at your immensely sexy geared character and then let your eyes indulge in the glittery glam of Dalaran, do you ever think about those little thingies you have inside your headset? You know. These “ears” people talk about from time to time? The things that guide the sounds of the world into that lil’ peanut you’ve got hidden in your head. This so called brrrain. Now, I really don’t think I’m going to describe the process of hearing any more detailed than that, as I have a feeling most of you have heard about it once or twice growing up. (Unless you’ve grown up in the jungle. Raised by monkeys. Eating pineapples and poo. Then again, you might not be playing WoW if that’s the life you’ve grown to know. Hmm.)

Well, lets now forget about shit-munching monkey kids, and focus a tiny bit on the subject I wanted to ramble a bit about: Music, combined with WoW. What does music mean to you while playing? Is your game always muted in favour of iTunes and such, or are you one of those who care to listen to the melodies Blizzard has dished up for its players? Personally, I’m both, like a music hybrid. There are times when I love to listen to the sounds of WoW. While roaming the grassy fields of Nagrand or poking the bosses of Ulduar, I think the music this game has to offer is great. Subtle tunes that get me in that special mood, the feeling if being part of something big and epic. In all honesty, I need it to enjoy my raid. And the in game music really does good things to me. It’s discrete, but still has a impact on the mood of the place you play. Looks are great, but it’s no full package if the sounds are like a cat scratching a blackboard.

On the other side, there are times the in game music kills me. Barrens music? Fucks up my mind like no other thing I can think of. And the sounds the BGs gulp up at me? Makes me feel ill. If I’m going to fry gnomes and scorch humans, there’s nothing that can motivate me more than some real. Good. Hard. Freaking brutal. Metal. (Yes, yes, this undead mage is a metalhead.) I even have my own playlist on iTunes for random PvPing, with bands like Lamb of God and Machine Head. After months of research and dedication to my ears, this is the music that fits me best while running around on little killing sprees. Because, ye. WoW has some great music, which I love to listen to every once in a while. It puts me in a good mood and gives raids and zones a complete feeling. However, there are times when a girl just need growling men and shreddig guitars to enjoy a game. True fact.

How’s your preferences in the art of music combined with Azerothian activities?


3 Responses to “Play that funky music”

  1. Fogge said

    Sabaton. Find them on Spotify. If you like metal, you are almost guaranteed to like Sabaton. It's really cheesy, but it's so damn catchy, you'll listen to the albums over and over again. Don't miss out!

  2. Consolea said

    Hmm. I'll check it out, I'll check it out 😀
    Cheesy isn't always a bad thing, yum.

  3. thebarrenschat said

    I can has commentz!

    I'm weird when it comes to music. If I'm grinding I'm usually tanking to someone Vent/Skype, listening music or a podcast.

    But, I tend to get very focused on music, which in turn means that I can't focus on anything else. So if I'm doing an instance/raid, PvPing or anything else that requires attention I can't listen to music because I'll forget what I'm supposed to in-game. Easily distracted, me? Noooo…

    And go listen to The Melvins and the album Stag!

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