Tales of a loyal guildie

June 7, 2009

WoW is a game you play with other people. It just is. Sure, you can run around the place and pretend you’re all alone, but in the end you’ll feel the misery of being a loner while trying to knock out Yogg-Saron by yourself, or solo-capping the flags in BGs. That’s were guilds come in. A whole bunch of people running around under the same name, some close to eachother, some just wanting someone to yell “DING!!1!” to when they go up one level. In the end tho, a lot of people need and want their guilds. And I’m one of them.

After playing this game for a while now, I’ve realized I’m the faithful kind of member. From lvl 1 to 80, newbie to raider, I’ve only been in three different guilds. And those few times I’ve left my pack, I’ve never left without a bad taste in my mouth, a little guilty sting in my chest. Really, I just don’t like changing guilds, it’s not my thing. So when I have decided to type the infamous /gquit, my reasons have been legitimate. Usually, the strongest emotion I’ve felt while leaving a guild, is lonelyness. When the people you used to talk to, laugh with, play with are gone, a guild loses it charm to me. Running instances and raiding with people you don’t actually like has nothing good to it in my eyes, it kills motivation and ruins the game. Don’t know if this seems awfully girly of me, but I like having a laugh while playing.

The guild I’m currently a member of was originally the home of most of my WoW friends, and that’s really why I joined in. Time passed since that day tho, and the ones I thought I’d be playing together with for a long time left. At that moment I had to make a choice: follow my friends and have fun with them, or listen to the loyal voice inside of me, begging me to stick around. And well, I picked the last one. Like gum under a shoe or a gamer to a can of Red Bull, I’ve stayed stuck to my guildies. There has been times where I’ve wanted to curse the whole lot and gquit, there has been moments where I’ve wondered why the hell I’ve decided to stay. And then, then comes the times where I realize I still love this bunch of idiots.

After all this time, my guild have become like a virtual boyfriend. (Socially. Christ, nothing could replace my RL-boyfriend, as he’s somewhat the best person in the world, letting me rant on and on about WoW in all situations.) But, you know, that boyfriend you’ve had for ages, the one that seemed perfect in the beginning, with new things every day and a charm you adored. Then came the time when you started to look at other boys, and thought “Maybe he’s got something more fun to offer me? Maybe I should ditch this one, and go flirt around a bit?”, but just couldn’t make yourself say that it was over. Now, I’ve reached the phase when I know all the things that are wrong, but still I stay. Cause I care. It’s just the real deal, the thing I need. The time I’ve spent in my guild have taught me more things about WoW than any other time of my career in Azeroth. Not because everything’s been perfect, because I can tell you that’s not the truth. But because I’ve seen so many situations, reactions and actions that dinged my knowledge level quite a few times. I’ve met so many different people, so many attitudes I never knew were out there.

All in all, I think I just wanted to say how much I love the concept of guilds. I do. People have fucked up in this guild, gone from shining stars to trash, from garbage to celebs. Members have failed, others have blossomed. And if you stick around long enough, you get to see it all. Isn’t that alone worth it?


4 Responses to “Tales of a loyal guildie”

  1. Mel said

    =( ='(

  2. Mel said

    you hitted a weak spot there =(
    Miss you….

  3. Consolea said

    Aww, honey. I'm still in the game 🙂
    (we're just not happy raiding buddies anymore :< )

  4. Mel said

    I know but still, I'm one of those that leaves you all the time =(

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