Happy PvP

June 2, 2009

Yesterday me and some guildies happened to stumple upon a few members of the Alliance in the middle of our usually Horde dominated Orgrimmar. And even tho I’ve kinda made an eternal promise to kill all allies on sight in an earlier post, I just couldn’t get myself to launch my mighty flames onto these poor creatures. What on earth were they thinking? What can you possibly achieve in the most crowded Horde city, when you decide to prance into it with nothing but a little nelf moonkin by your side? I have no idea. And it amused me to no end.

So there we were. Somewhat Ulduar geared, a bit happy ’cause we had killed General earlier on the night, and surrouning a pair of our mortal enemies. The most natural thing would of course be to yell out some harsh warcry, chop them down and rub their blood and guts all over eachother for fun. But something happened, a well-used saying from back in the days lurked somewhere in the depth of my mind, and I had to fight it. What was it? My mother’s eternal ranting, telling me to stop playing with my food. And then my inner brat fought its way into day light, mocking my mum with a silent “Oh, I’ll show you playing with food allright!” So we did. Polymorphing, hexing, interrupting, emoting, laughing, everything that could be done. It had no end.

Well, actually that’s a lie. It had many ends. Never did I know that people could feel so strongly about seeing a few members from the oppsite faction in the same city as their honored Thrall. Randomly rushing in, spitting, swearing. I really was surprised that they felt so strongly about the Alliance itself, and not the players. It could’ve been a naked lvl 1 gnome, and masses still would’ve gathered to protect their beloved warchief. However, this was not the topic I intended to ramble on about when I opened this post. What I did want to say, is that I had a great time yesterday, dancing and telling jokes with a nelf and a draenei that for some reason walked right into certain death, while throwng around /smiles and giggles. From the second I saw them, I knew we’d have to kill them in the end. But hell, the kill is so much better after a thorough playdate with your victim.

So with this I take back my word of mindlessly slaying all Alliance players upon sight. Instead, play with them. Tease them, make them cry, make them giggle. And when they least expect it, burn their guts into french fries with a well-placed fireball. It’s fun, it really is.


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