Baer drood saz no mewmew

June 2, 2009

I’m ususally not all that supportive when it comes to everything Blizzard lets you do to your character. New haricut? Gotcha. New gender. No probs. New name, new server, and the chance to ninja loot as much as possible and then go undercover? Anytime you want, hun’. However, I just had a little peek at, and got a glance at the new kitty forms of the Tauren. The new bear forms were great and all, and in my opinion really needed the chance. But the cat forms? Oh. My. I want to roll drood myself now, just to get that perfectly dark kitty look. They’ve gone from retarded cat with horn and a generally ugly facade, to what looks like some semi-evil voodoo lion. If you’re by any chance a druid, congratulations! I envy you now.


6 Responses to “Baer drood saz no mewmew”

  1. thebarrenschat said

    Peeerdy. Now we just need a new chicken and tree model!

  2. Consolea said

    I vote for parrots spamming wrath! And healing x-mas trees ofc.

  3. tankhealdps said

    Yea, they said they just have Kitty/Bear forms in the works right now.

    They won't be doing Chicken/Tree forms until later.

    I iz tree, this makes me sad :+(

  4. thebarrenschat said

    I might just change my boomkin specc to feral for this…

  5. Consolea said

    @tankhealdps: Aww. Cheer up, one day I'm sure they'll give you some x-mas lights to pimp up your tree aswell. I'm crossing my fingers for ya.

    @thebarrenschat: They really are pretteh pretteh, aren't they? If it wasn't for the fact that I love boomkins, I'd force you to respecc.

  6. thebarrenschat said

    Hihi, actually started gathering feral gear now. Aiming to having it ready for when the new forms arrive.

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