For the Horde! …and why I yell it

May 30, 2009

I’ve been a member of the Horde for as long as I can recall. And as I’m no brain damaged kid without memory, or a real hardcore druggie, I remember my whole career as a WoW player. (For the slow ones that read this: I have played for the Horde all my play time.) Of course I’ve tried to level up some Alliance characters, I’ve poured all my good will onto the little pixel men, hoping our relation would be a lasting one. However, our affairs have always been those of the short kind, and I’d seen myself wave goodbye to both night elves and gnomes.

After recently reading an article in The Barrens Chat, I was yet again informed about how the stereotypical players of the Alliance and the Horde are. The Alliance are the little kids, the Horde are the know-it-alls. Really, these are no new rumours. On the other side tho, I have a friend that can’t say enough good about his Alliance guild, and I’ve sure as hell met my share of little snot munching brats on the Horde side. In the end, I guess we’re just a bunch of gamers throwing money at Blizzard, running around for epics. Yes, yes, we are all the happy-happy children of Azeroth.

Then why on earth do I then swear my loyality and love to this Horde? It’s simple. They are the least human races. The thing is, that when I want to spend my time in a role playing game, it’s to relax and take a little break from reality. And what would you prefer to see when sneaking away from humanity a tiny second, more humans, or fluffy taurens and nifty undeads? I say moo!

From the very start, the Horde had me charmed with its wide collection of strange members. Moo-moo-men, green Schwarzenegger-creatures, rastafari-trolls. My heart easily embraced most of them at once. And what did the Alliance offer? Humans in different sizes. One with a beard, one with pink pigtails, one with horribly embarassing dance moves. All looking strangely much like normal persons. Was there really a choice to make at all?

After looking a bit at the lore, it hit me how right I was in my choice in finding a little breather faction. The Alliance appears pretty much to me as the ones a bit dependant on technology. The slightly arrogant ones, the ones proud to be the superior with their machines and gadgets. Wait, what? We are still talking about a Warcraft faction, and not reality are we not? Exactly. Why on earth relax with the same kind of people that stress around you on the street every day? That’s not relaxing, my friend. It is however, a reason to why I love my Horde. They’re not looked upon as the smartest ones, neither very much advanced. Hell, quite a few of them are just meat and muscles rushing in to knock out everything that just breaths in a provocing way, while others live only to leech of an army that wants a few of the same things as they do. And that’s the charm.

In the Horde we have so many odd combinations of half-living, half-magic addicted and half-cow races, I can’t stop loving it all. I love how we’re a bunch of war machines with no links to reality in looks. I adore how we’re the savage ones, and I can’t get enough of the NPCs we can flaunt around. Cause if I’m gonna play around as the inhabitant of a new world, I’m not gonna roll the same thing as I did in RL. I’ve fallen too much in love with th Horde to do such a thing.


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