You amuse me

May 27, 2009

Yes Blizzard, you do amuse me. After playing this game for quite some time now, you still hold the ability to put a smile on my face. It can be everything from a glowing grin to a half-hidden smile, but in the end you still amuse me. Take Naxxramas as an example if you want: every run I’ve ever had in that place, has started with a frantic search for lil’ Mr. Bigglesworth. Is he some rare spawn boss with insanely good epic drops? Nay. How about a hard-to-find-vendor that will give you cookies and buffs for nothing? Nope. He’s the little kittycat of the evil, hateful, ice cold and heartless lich named Kel’Thuzad. Really, thank you Blizzard for making me giggle every I see the piece of fur die. I’m no sadist or anything, don’t get me wrong. I just love how Mr. I’m-such-a-stone-cold-and-hard-boss cries out to mourn his dead kitty. Not really that cold after all, are we?

And then you have the Draenei. Yes, yes, I know the lore and all the sad stories. I’ve read about Velen, Archimonde and Kil’jaeden, I’m fully aware of what they mean in the Warcraft universe. But still, come on. Nothing you can say or do takes away the fact that this is the people with squids stuck to their faces. Deer legs, dino-tails and some aquatic creature stuck to their jawbone? If you grasped together a bunch of things labeled “strange”, tossed them in a blender and pushed the button with an “Amuse me”-sign, you can bet your litte bum that the result would be one of the Exodar kids. I don’t mind tho. Make me smile a tad when I stumble upon one of them.
Another thing I love to run into , as long as it’s someone from the Horde, are rogues dressed up in the new tier gear. Have you seen them? If not, you’ve been missing something. The head part of that gear is really the art of stealthing and being a rogue perfected. Curious yet? Well. To tell it simplified, it’s as if a rogue ganked something really ugly. Then skinned it. And then snuck his own head into the freshly looted skin, going “Oh hai thar, I just thought that by ripping the skin of this elf and using it as a little hood, I’d have a great way to disguise myself. No?” It looks morbide, it’s looks wrong, and it looks so gosh darned amusing there’s no way to end it. Thank you Mr. Blizzard designer with a tiny bit of freakish humor.

In the end, there’s heaps of NPCs, quests and items that might make you smile a bit. Like Haris Pilton, or Harrison Jones. Like Larion and Muigin in Un’Goro. (I am a bit too devoted to Nintendo, I admit.) Like the squidmen of the Exodar, and the elf skin hat of the t8 gear. And that poor, poor little kitty in Naxxramas that has died so many times for my entertainment. Thank you kitty, for giving your life up for my laughs. And thank you Blizzard for making my giggle possible. You do amuse me.

One Response to “You amuse me”

  1. highlatencylife said

    Thats why I still love this game we play called World of Warcraft. There are times I get amused, or sit back in wonder and go whoa good job Blizz.

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