My name is: wut?

May 27, 2009

I play on a PvP server. Compared to RP realms, there are no big rules on names. Be somewhat polite and decent, and just about everything’s allright. Sure, there’s a lot of nelfs and belfs named Legololas, Llégólás and Ärägörn. And ye, there’s the load of taurens with names like Pieceofmeat, Hoofarted, Cowabunga, Madcow and other puns that’s just supposed to be where you have this race. However, racing through Dalaran the other day, I noticed a name that made me wonder. I had to stop my mount from running, and I just stared. Then I started to think. What does he feel when he sees his name in trade channel? How does he react when someone calls his name on Ventrilo during a raid? Is he proud, is he amused, what, why, how?

The name? It was Norwegian, so typing the name itself would do nothing than bully a player. If I was to translate it tho, it would read something like “A piece of cloth one might use while in and/or after engaging in the art of, well, masturbating”. Yes. You are about to bring a strong warrior or powerful magician to life, and you gife him a name like that. What, my dear people of Azeroth, are you thinking? Sometimes you make me wonder.


3 Responses to “My name is: wut?”

  1. Larísa said

    I’ve never been a 10 year old boy myself, but I can imagine that it could bring some sort of amusement at that age. But yeah sometimes you wonder.

  2. Isolinn said

    what was the name btw?

  3. thebarrenschat said

    If I remember correctly, I think it was “Runkeklut” or something like that?

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