Enter my Azerothian crib

May 25, 2009

I’m one of those slow kids when it comes to catching up on the news regarding MMOs. Been talking about how Emerald Dream probably will fight The Maelstrom to be the next expansion? Meh, never heard of it. You knew dual specs would come, even before Blizz did it? Oh, goodie. And what was that? A lot of other games have been using the achievement system for ages and ages and then some? Huh, go figure. Well, now my slowly drifting mind has been able to catch up how people nag about housing in WoW. Yes. Player houses.

After reading my share on the net, I’ve noticed people who think it’s riddiculus that the system never has been put into the game, and some really don’t see why it could be so essential. Personally, I’m a bit sceptical to it. Yeah, sure it could bring a whole new level of things to do and spend your gold on in the game. Playing with wallpapers and lamps is probably a real’ blast if it’s your thing. But hell, how many damn things is a game supposed to contain? You have your fighting, you have the AH speculations and gold farming, you have the achievemnt frenzy. And now people want to decorate their homes aswell? Not sure how long one can stretch the rubber band marked with “World of Warcraft”.

As a Hordie, I try to imagine Orgrimmar with a brand spankin’ new apartment complex going on. Where’s that naked guy that used to dance on the mailbox? Back at his house, dancing naked by himself. How about that kid who’s always standing outside the AH to show off his epic gear? Gone, polishing his purples at his own place. And where’s that one desperate druid, spamming trade chat to find people for his next pug? Locked himself into his own house to cry, because the city was all dead. Even Gamon’s stopped running around in the city, people have been too busy matching their curtains with their flowers pots to listen to him ramble. (If you play Alliance, Gamon’s a little sissy cow that jumps around in Orgrimmar screaming every once in a while.) Is that how you want the game to be?

Of course, I’m not just saying that player houses would ruin the whole shazam WoW has got going on. No no, it really would bring a whole new dimension to it, and probably target some new players aswell. But really, do we need it? I could see how an instanced guild hall could be allright for the bigger guilds, but a home for each player? I don’t get how it could be so crucial. If you really want to hang out with your friends in game, just whisper them and take off to one of the pretty locations Azeroth has to offer. The Violet Citadel, Nagrand, some beach; there are so many great places to hang out, if that’s what you’re looking for. I think that the only setting I could support the idea of player housing in, is when it comes to roleplaying. Yes, I can see the benefits there. But I still don’t support the concept.

In my opinion there are raids to have made, more instances to develop, before I’ll even allow myself to accept Blizzard to let me live as an undead house wife. They can’t even keep the Ulduar server free from lag, and now people want them to fire up instanced houses. I, my dear friend, say nay. What do you say?


3 Responses to “Enter my Azerothian crib”

  1. Larísa said

    Hear, hear. I don’t like to be negative to inventions, but in this case I actually think it might hurt other parts of the game. I want the central places of Stormwind and IF to be crowded. I want people to be there, being smart, being stupid, being annoying, being fun… everything. Not sitting alone in their own houses. Anyway I don’t think we’ll need to worry. I can’t imagine that this is the main issue for Blizzard right now. They’re probably in a hurry to keep up with launching new raid instances to keep the community if not happy, at least not annoyed with the lack of new conetent.

  2. thebarrenschat said

    I can’t imagine Blizz implementing player housing for a long, long, long time, if ever! It just doesn’t add anything to the game and I doubt they’ll spend a lot of time developing somehthing almost purely cosmetical. Yes we got hair cuts, but player housing would probably take tons more time and resources.

    I wouldn’t mind guild halls, but there’s a lot of things I’d rather see Blizz focus on. And as you say, why would you want a place of your own when you’re playing a MMO (perhaps for some nelfer cupping like in that picture *shudder)?

  3. Consolea said

    @Larísa: That’s really the way I feel aswell. I want the capitals to be crowded with half-amusing, half-annoying characters taking up space. Playing a massively multiplayer online game, I want to feel that I’m playing that genre. I want my massive amount of people.

    @thebarrenschat: Do not mock the snuggle session of my nelfs, haha. I think I might’ve been nagging enough about how charming I think nelfs are, so when I found a little chance to throw some in, I knew I had to.

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