Undead knight of light

May 21, 2009

Sometimes there’s a little devil that awakens inside of me, a little demon that feeds on vicious thoughts and reckless killing. And sometimes that mean little thing is pushed back by a noble and humble intent to help the innocent. Like last night, when me and a friend were sitting on one of the floating islands of Nagrand. The clock had just ticked past midnight, and as it happened to be my fellow gamer’s birthday, we were having a little chat and just enjoying life. That was until we heard a little call of distress coming from the general chat. “LFM Durn the Hungerer!” it desperately yelled at us. What else was left to do, then summon that inner knight we kept in our hearts, and run, run towards helping the innocent? We kinda jogged at least.

Arming up as a helpful knight is different from person to person, a thing I soon discovered. My preparations was to mount up on my drake and set my mind on five seconds of pewpew. However, my friend was not satisfied with such a low commitment to the task of being a true knight in shining armor. Because of this he then had to use God knows how many minutes to find his horse and spear, in addition to some proper clothing. (Yes, my wonder of a friend keep such things in his bags, always ready for a low-lvl in distress.) After some further fooling around on his behalf, he then ordered me to cast Slow Fall on him. So yes. In the middle of the night of Nagrand, you could spot a shiny little undead, flying down from the sky in knight gear, on a horse. Nothing slightly surreal about that, no? A undead being a good knight? A horse falling from the sky? No?

In the end tho, we reached our target. What on earth this little paladin must’ve thought when he encountered a slightly hyperactive mage and a I’m-so-noble-and-good-it-hurts warlock, I’m glad we’ll never know. That damned Durn was dead before I could yell “Living Bomb”, and after that the little pala was gone. Only a slight glow of noble thoughts was left in the grass, reminding us of the importance of helping those who need it. (Nah, who am I kidding? If there was anything on that grass, it was a rhino turd.) At least I learned a few things that night: Undeads may never be allowed to be paladins. It was too freaky to watch, the scars run too deep. And my friend should be locked in on a RP server, never to see the light of this PVP realm again. Still, I luff my maniac. Crazy people make WoW worth playing.


4 Responses to “Undead knight of light”

  1. Mel said

    I r a knight with a lance and a strong steed!

  2. thebarrenschat said

    WoW wouldn’t be the same withouth the players. Both for good and for bad.

  3. wowenomics said

    Hi, just discovered your blog but already like what I see… keep up the good work!

  4. Consolea said

    Really nice to know people appreciate what I write, thanks 😀

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