Love and lore II

May 20, 2009

I’ve had a ramble about one of my favourite characters in the Warcraft lore before. Isn’t it fitting that I tell you a little about that other special lady in the life of Arthas Menethil as well? ”Wut?” you might ask now. ”Were there other ladies than Jaina?” Well, ye. This one’s more of a love hate relationship tho. Okay, maybe without the love. And with a lot of hate. This is the story of Sylvanas Windrunner, formerly an Elven Ranger, now a spooky leader of the Forsaken.

In the beginning, Sylvanas was one of three suberb sisters. Pure girl power I tell you. Imagine them like a high elf version of a fighting and killing Destiny’s Child. Almost, almost. Anyway, our little lady was the middle child of these, with Alleria as the oldest and Vereesa as the youngest of the pack. The oldest of these kids even managed to rise to the title of Ranger General after some time, alltho she kinda died in a war and let the middle sister rise to her old title.

Proud to be a real fighter, Sylvanas did her share of pewpew. After some time a real hard boss appeared in her land. Who was this frightening someone? Oh you’ve got it: little Mr. Arthas. He wanted to run around and wave his sword, Sylvanas didn’t agree that much. (If you’ve ever played the Scourge campaign on Warcraft III, you know what a menacing bitch our little heroine can be. Really, she just keeps coming and coming to fuck up your game.) In the end tho, it’s Arthas that “fucks up” her game.

In a battle one-on-one, Arthas draws his almighty Frostmourne and pokes Sylvanas in the tummy. It’s a pretty hard poke, so the Ranger General yells to him to end her life quick. Being the new evil kid in town, that’s the last thing the soon-to-be Lich King does. Instead he brings her back as a banshee and makes her float around to help him in his evil way. All in all, not the most honourable hobby. Luckily Sylvanas keeps some of that Destiny’s Child girl power I mentioned earlier. A day the Lich King’s not on the top of his game, she manages to break free and bring a lot of undeads with her.

Needing a new place to hang out, they fight a bit, and then settle under the city Arthas once wrecked, Lordaeron. Not being all creative on names, (but what can you expect from those with no brains?), they call the city Undercity. After that, there ain’t been all that much going on. The Forsaken joined the Horde, she killed the demon she’d been living next to a few years, nothing much. At the moment she’s nagging around in UC, looking just as cool as you’d expect her. Blizz even made her look as cool as she should, in game. I didn’t roll undead for nothing, allright.


2 Responses to “Love and lore II”

  1. thebarrenschat said

    I’ve always liked the story behind Sylvanas and the new model looks great, could do with some less slutty armour, though.

  2. Consolea said

    Am I the only one who’s puzzled on why she’s got iron panties?

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