Good undead gone bad

May 18, 2009

I’m one of the friendly little things you might stumble upon while wandering around Azeroth. I help when I can, join when you need and giggle when you tell mediocre jokes. As if that wasn’t good enough, I’m one ofe those who greet and smile at Allies when I meet them. My friends rush in with some sick desire to kill, I run around using my most friendly emotes. Until today.

Imagine a little mage, picking flowers, humming a song, just having a splendid time. Got the visual? Good. Because that’s how innocent I was earlier today. Really, a bunny would’ve seemed more threatening than me. Then suddenly, I walk over a cliff witout thinking. (Smiling, singing, being the manifestation of good and looking at where you’re walking is just a bit too much to handle.) Being alone on this sunny field, I don’t care about regaining my health tho. What on earth could happen? Oh, a damned little shit of a Dwarf warrior could happen. And it most surely did. Let’s make a new visual shall me? Imagine me smiling and waving at the paladin. Innocent eyes and an aura of love. Then imagine him rushing into my weak little body and chopping it to pieces with his little glowing weapon. That moment was when I realized that there’s no place on Earth for us kind souls.

One minute later I was back to life. I was buffed, I was back on the scene, and I was one bloody pissed piece of undead. Guess it took me about five seconds to realize that I’m the solidier of a banshee queen and a big pile of evil and rotten flesh. The dwarf found out the same thing one minute after. And then again. And again. And then he logged onto his main. Then he found out on that character. And then some. Moral of the story? Forget giggles and smiles, I gank every little Alliance on sight now. Just because a little fat man with a sword wouldn’t let me pick my flowers.

3 Responses to “Good undead gone bad”

  1. thebarrenschat said

    Haha, this made me laugh IRL! Poor little Allies…

  2. Isolinn said


  3. Consolea said

    I do not pity those who dare to interfere on my herbing :<

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