Love and lore

May 13, 2009

I’m a real deal geek at times, I won’t deny it. “What might make you say something like that?” you ask? Well, for starters I love the WoW lore. Jeez, it’ like a neverending universe of stories I want to read over and over again. Love it. Though, there are parts of it I like more than others; a small selection of characters and moments that’s just too good to let go. You want to know them too? Let me introduce you to one of them then.

Jaina Proudmoore
I’ve said it before, I love just about everything there is about this archmage. A friend of Thrall, founder of Theramore Island, archmage of the Kirin Tor and former flirt of Arthas Menethil. Yup, she’s done it all.

As a young kid Jaina wandered around in the now lost place, Kul Tiras, and realized she had a talent revolving the wonders of the arcane. (Wonder how they found out tho. Did she accidentally sheep her brother? Burned down the family cottage with a unintended pyroblast?) Her family shipped her of to Dalaran, which you all should know a tiny bit about. You know, the city of sorcerers and all. Anyway, she wandered around in the purple city, making just about every prince in town want her. Kael’Thas Sunstrider? On his knees. Arthas Menethil? Drooling. Who knows what would’ve happened if she had let her blue eyes wink abit to these guys. Would Tempest Keep be forgotten, and the Lich King still be a piece of armour hidden in ice? Would Loraeron still be a happy, living place? Sheesh Jaina, you sure could’ve changed things.

But saying she didn’t would be lies buttered with even more lies. One of the reasons I love Jaina, is how she decided to help Thrall in fights against the Burning Legion. That thing alone changed my whole view on just about all humans in the lore as Alliance-kissing snobs. (Yeah, yeah, I’m a Hordie allright.) Sure you have Medivh helping them all out, but there’s just something powerful about the combination Jaina and Thrall. Thinking about how she actually watched her father being killed, without interfering, really shows how much she will give up her own feeling to help the world of the innocent. (The orc Rexxar killed him by the way.)

Regarding her powers, I’ve read that when fighting mortals, she does all she can to make them surrender, hoping she won’t have to kill them. She does all she can to keep the innocent safe, and puts her life on the line when needed. (Unlike me, who tend to find a sport in pyroblasting the critters of Azeroth. Guess I’m not that alike my idol as I wish to be, huh?) Demons however, gets to feel the full wrath of one blonde archmage, and it’s against these opponents she unleash all the powers within her.

So yep, now you know one of my favourite persons in WoW. The flirt, the sorceress, the friend: Jaina Proudmoore. Might be a bit of a ramble, but that’s how all the cool kids do it nowadays. Mum says so.


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