That special feeling

May 10, 2009

Take ten ambitious guildies, one little mechagnome, a decent dose of Ulduar, shake it around and let it sizzle about four hours. What does that leave you with? Oh yeah, Mimiron finally dead!

Oh yes, you better believe it. After countless wipes in Ulduar 10, me and some guildies finally managed to kill Mimiron and his bunch of annoying machines. Personally I couldn’t stop smiling when he hit the ground, as it was my first kill in 10 man. (Being ill for a while takes away those little fun things in WoW, sigh.)

Anyway, the fight was a lot more fun than I imagined when buffing up the first try. Four phases with just the decent amount of new elements to each of them? Yes please. Getting all people coordinated enough to make it go smoothly took some time, but in the end, it was all worth the wiping and crying. I love these bosses; they’re just hard enough to annoy the hell outta you, and after what seems like wipe #1000 there’s nothing more tempting than crushing your keyboard with your fist. And when you down him a few minutes after you just want to giggle out loud and kiss your character. (Crist I’m playing Forsaken, and still wanted to do some kissy kissy with my char when we killed him. It felt that good.) I love Blizz when they make bosses like Mimiron. And now I’m really curious about how hard mode is. One day, time will show. And I’m pretty sure that fight will leave me with glorious tears running down my face. Can’t wait.


One Response to “That special feeling”

  1. Isolinn said

    Gratulations on Mimiron!
    We just got Freya down last night on 25 man, Yay=D

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