Being born into Azeroth

May 8, 2009

Recently I’ve been thinking about what race in WoW I would be, if I by any change would’ve been born into the world of Azeroth. My vanity tells me to wish for a blood elf, with long and sexy hair and a body that any Baywatch-babe could kill for. Seeing as I’m rather easily addicted to various things aswell, being a hot piece of meat with a slight hunger for the arcane wouldn’t be my last choice. How it would fit the rest of my personality is a whole other story.

If I am to look at my more negative sides, I’m aware of how proud and arrogant I can be at times. After browsing wowwiki several times, it’s nothing new to me that these are sides humans show quite often. Add a lot of abitious thoughts and a love for living in citites, and you’ve got your average human. And me. The fact that I’m completely and utterly in love with mages, doesn’t exactly separate me from the race that founded the Kirin Tor.

Looking away from how I really am as a person to peeking towards what I’d prefer to be, you’d be calling me a night elf right now. Is there anything more peaceful and powerful than the calm elves of the forest? Personally I’m a rather emotional person, easy to anger and easier to cheer up. Being put into the calm, and not to mention stunningly attractive, body of a night elf would be wonderful. Just walking in the cold morning dew of the sunrise, changing to my druidic flight form and viewing the day start from a whole new angle? Yes please. I wanna be a nelf.

You as a reader must think I’m one mean piece of bitch, reading all of this. Arrogant as a human, easily addicted as a blood elf? Phew, guess you’re glad you’ve never grouped with me, huh? Let me help you breathe a tiny bit then, I’m not 100% cruel. I’m laid-back and lazy too, aswell as I use a few strange words now and then. What does that mage me then? Oh yeah, troll. The loveable and colourful race that have got to be smoking something really odd when Blizz is looking another way. Looking away from that, I dare say that there’s a little bit of them inside me aswell. A tiny bit.

Summing it up tho, the me that would’ve been born into Azeroth would’ve been looking rather, well, funky. You’ve got one pair of glowing green eyes, neatly nicked from a blood elf. You’ve got long blonde hair and pale skin from the humans. Then you add a pretty tall body, borrowed from the night elves I love so. To top it off, there would’ve been some pretty decent troll ears paired up with the word “mon” at the end of every spoken sentence. I’m starting to feel that we all should be prasing ourselves real damn lucky I’m not a citizen of Azeroth. Don’t you think?

Oh, by the way; what race would you be?


7 Responses to “Being born into Azeroth”

  1. Nameless said

    Nelf, belf eller undead. Helt klart.

  2. Consolea said

    Jeg tror jeg kunne sagt ja til å gå rundt som råtten, sikkert litt smelly undead, bare så jeg kunne hatt Sylvanas som leader. Siden første gang jeg så henne i WoW, har jeg vært åndssvakt fascinert av henne 😛

  3. Isolinn said

    Kvar gong eg ser eit troll angrer eg på at eg ikkje valgte Horde:(
    Love them!

  4. Consolea said

    Horde ftw ❤

  5. Are said

    Troll har den beste dansen (capoeira), de flotteste ørehårene og den råeste mounten. Hvem inviterer du på nachspiel? Et troll med weed i lommen. Har du prøvd å fortelle en vits til en human? Latteren er _grusom_. Nelfen har strukket sine ører for å ligne det vakre trollet og gnomene bygger mounts med trollets som modell, men de feiler alle.

  6. Consolea said

    Når sant skal sies, har jeg aldri latt ørehår være en indikator på hvor bra en race er, kanskje jeg må tenke litt på kriteriene mine igjen 😛 Og når det er snakk om å ha en fest med races, hadde jeg skammet meg om jeg hadde møtt opp som forsaken. Har noen sett den stakkars dansen vi er blitt tildelt? Stå ved siden av en vrikkende BE, og du er alene hele natta.

  7. Are said

    Som forsaken trenger du ikke prøve å være som de andre Consolea. Len deg godt tilbake i en god stol og drikk litt ren Bacardi Black. Gutta kommer til å stå og sikle på deg, og ikke på den kjipe BE-berta som står og vrikker på gulvet 😉

    Det er… medmindre de er for opptatte med å beundre trollets Capoeira…

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