Oh, the love

May 5, 2009

Sometimes I forget what I like about WoW. I log on, stare at the players and houses of Dalaran, teleport to Orgrimmar, and rinse and repeat. Sometimes just wishing to do anything feels like such a drag. There’s no surprise that I just had one of those moments. Well, until I looked down on my screen and noticed that nifty green text that indicates that there’s life in my guild. “Anyone up for some bgs?” the green words glowed at me. “Oh, what might this be?” I asked my tired mind, and decided to reply with a little “Oh, sure.”. And then I loved WoW again. Why? There’s really nothing a little while of loveable geeks on Vent can’t fix. Add that up with hunting down and executing gnomes in battlegrounds, and you’ve got a bad mood rising towards better. I’ve said it before, but I can’t help it: I love my guild. And I love the people in this game.


3 Responses to “Oh, the love”

  1. Are said

    I love BGs. The chaos, the mix of tactics and gear and a game where the objective isn’t to kill, but to dominate, instill fear and cooperate with randoms is what makes it fun for me. Of all BGs I still love AB the most.

  2. Consolea said

    Ah, I really love them too. People laughing, then suddenly screaming out furiously ’cause some OP mage made arcane dust outta them. Nothing could be more charming. And ye, AB is my favorite aswell. Something cosy to that place. A lot of people laugh at me for saying this, but I really like AV aswell. Just can’t seem to let that place go.

  3. Are said

    AV has great potential, but it is somewhat ruined by the way it is played nowadays. Good teams all rush as one to complete the game and bypass its content. AV was, and can still sometimes be, like old world PvP – glorious.

    AB was never that, but AB will probably never be a one-group-rush-game either. Teams that all go as one in AB never win.

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