RL gaming?

April 22, 2009

Sometimes I catch myself wishing that reality could pick up a few things from WoW. You know, this planet could need some new patches. Imagine yourself running to your job, and you know that you’re gonna be late. How amazingly convenient wouldn’t the ability to summon your mammoth in the middle of the street be? It wouldn’t even have to that dramatic, I could happily settle with the ability to blink a few feet forward every now and then aswell.

Or, imagine yourself crying in the kitchen, covered in little pieces of coal. Those little black pieces were supposed to be some gourmet dinner that would make your boyfriend fall in love with you all over again. What do you do? You just realize that you’re a mage for God’s sake, and conjure a meal worthy kings, queens and gods. After being praised for your cooking skills, all you have to after that, is put your most charming smile on, conjure a few drinks and let romance have its way.

Let’s not forget how great the ability to RL PvP would be. And now I’m not talking about being able to knock out a random person on the street, you don’t need any modifications on the world to do that. I’m talking about the ability to blow off some steam in a big battelground, nuking the shit outta every kid you see. I’d love just one day with my in game abilities. Being followed by some dodgy man on the street one day? Frost nova, blink and then go go invisibilty. Feel like you’re falling behind on the swimming in gym class? Say hello to water walking, and run past every other loser in the pool.

So I say gief new patches or at least a little beta of Earth v2.0. Don’t you agree?


4 Responses to “RL gaming?”

  1. Are said

    That’s retty funny 🙂

    I already got some lockpicking and cooking skills tho, and I do grind for gold. Not sure I’d like to see more NightElves in rl. I do get quite enough of them in woW 😉

  2. Consolea said

    I’m pretty sure that if I ever encountered a nelf on the street, I’d kidnap it and keep it in my closet. You know, just to have some eye candy available. (Being a forsaken loving member of the Horde, peeking at night elves are one of my guilty pleasures.)

    Thinking about my skills and professions in RL I’m more uncertain. My first aid skill is definately around zero, the same can be said about things like herbalism. Allthough, I would’ve made one mean piece of warrior, seeing as you’d probably see me running around with a full red bar under my face most of the time 😛

  3. Are said

    Harr harr – good points!

    Although my Profession skills are quite high (FA, alchemy, cooking, engineering, herbalism) I’m not so sure about Class. I do got class, don’t get me wrong, I’m just not sure what kind. I’m too calm for a warrior. I am perhaps mean enough for a rogue, but I am uncertain if I’m dextrous enough. Good thing I don’t have to find out, eh?

  4. Consolea said

    I would say it’s quite the opposite; I’d love to find out which class I would be. If the choice was all mine though, I’d be a mage. Oh, the fascinating magic of the arcane world. Too bad I can’t brag about being any other class than “student”. Armed with wits, pens and some paper, I will conquer the world!

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