Intruducing… me

April 22, 2009

I’ve just realized how I’ve been chitting and chatting and God-knows-what about WoW, without even mentioning my main char. So, here it is. Behold the magical, the mysterious, the magnificent mage that is me:

I don’t really know how I ended up as a mage, seeing as my first 40 levels of WoW consisted of a blissful state of not knowing a shit about anything. Still, if I could choose another class today, I wouldn’t have chosen any other path. I have friends who just have to be hybrids, locks, trees, you name it. And I don’t blame them. But there’s just something about mages I can’t stop loving.

It’s nothing new to me that I’m not the best geared of the bunch. I’m no tactical master, I’m no natural born raid leader. Still, I play this game with passion and love, and imo that’s worth just a tiny bit aswell. Seeing your character grow from day to day, from pugging Karazhan like a mental case, to being one of the first in the guild to get Tier 8.5, is really fucking great. I’ll be as foul mouthed as that.

So yep, this is my loveable main and mage. The name? Not relevant. My guild? Just as important. Allthough, if you’re one of those kids nagging about stats, I can tell you that I’m somewhere just above 2k +spellpower, and currently using a 57 / 3 / 11 arcane specc. I’m a mean machine when it comes to sqeezing damage out of a good nuking session, and probs the most chatty mage in the hood. There, introduction complete.


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