Go go drunken gamers

April 21, 2009

There’s a few things you’re not supposed to do while drinking. You know, like driving your new car across the neighbour’s garden, kissing your best friend and then humping his girlfriend’s leg, or eating all your cat’s food, just to feel the new taste of salmon and cheese. Allthough, a thing that can be done, and really should sometimes, is playing WoW while drunk. Any game works out with alcohol in control to be honest. There’s just something special with that third run you do in Wailing Caverns for no reason. Or how about trying to hide from your pug that you’re really drunk like an old sherry-pimping granny? It’s priceless.

On occations like like these, I love my WoW friends. Well, my WoW friends and Ventrilo. Add some booze, shake some shitty English around, and you’ve got yourself an amazing night. I mean, having that allways laid-back, super relaxed and quiet guy suddenly burst out in beatboxing for no reason, really is worth the headache the next day. It’s worth having a fucked head for a whole week. So kids, ever feelt like you need some more when you get come from the club? Go go drunken gamers!


6 Responses to “Go go drunken gamers”

  1. SosJojURor said

    Oh, I do so agree!
    I love gaming while drunk, one time, we got home after a night on the town and the naschspiel was pretty boring, so we all went home, logged on WoW and did lots of old sk00l-raids and such, brought some noobs and lowbies just for fun and had a hilarious time.
    I wonder how the lowbies felt about going to MC and BWL and such with lots of shitdrunk 80s though 😛

  2. Are said

    I used to play a MUD (yeah, I’m old) drunk sometimes. It usually ended up with me saying weird things and killing someone I really didn’t have to kill, and then I’d have to hear about it for weeks and months after. Great fun, but somewhat detrimental for my surroundings.

    What I don’t like about WoW is that you can’t really hurt your own faction. I’d like to kill and loot someone my own faction if they didn’t behave, and I’d like to be able to kill anyone when drunk.

  3. Consolea said

    Haha, I’ve done the same thing as you SosJojURor. Felt a bit bad for the poor kids, having to cope with me and my friends acting like someone just let us out of the asyleum somewhere. The trick is to tell yourself that there are worse people in this world than drunken gamers. Like gold sellers. Or just plain idiots. Allthough, if you ever been a retarded drunken gold seller, I’d scream and run. That’s too much evil in one thing.

  4. Consolea said

    And I really wish you could be able to harm players of your own faction aswell. Entering a mode called “drunken rage” in the middle of Orgrimmar, killing everything your alcoholsoaked fingers could grasp would’ve been a dream. I wouldn’t mind a litte hangover debuff the other day, it would’ve been worth it.

  5. Mel said

    HAHAHA, that night was awesome 😀 more of those night thanks

  6. Consolea said

    Yes please ^^ I really need to do some low lvl instances with your and our beatboxer soon. There’s far too little drunken gaming in my life nowadays. Gief moar!

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