"You’re pretty good for a girl."

April 17, 2009

Being a girl on WoW can be a hell of an advantage sometimes. I’m not gonna try to say anything else, because, it really actually is. God knows how many free enchants, gems and pots I’ve gotten from guys who suddenly feel the urge to just be nice. For some strange reason, this usually occurs when I’ve just spoken on vent, or when my guildies call me by my name in groups. And well, all that is great shit. A freebie is always a freebie.

Buuut, I think there are downsides about being the one without a penis aswell. God knows how many idiots who think I’m gonna be charmed by “hey, ur pretty good for a girl ;)” when I’m slacking like a fuck in instances. Am I wrong to just type “And you’re pretty shit to be a boy. l2p hun’.”? Dude, I’ve got the same game installed as you, I’m pushing the same damn buttons as any other player. Why on earth would there be a difference?

Another thing that’ll turn me into one piece of raging bitch of doom, is when people imply that I am a member of a guild or a raid because I’m a girl. Really, when you’ve been gearing up for all that it’s worth and try fight towards the top of the dps meter, that’s not the thing you want to hear. I’m usually not the easiest person to be downed by some useless comments given by even more useless players. But you know, that sure is hell ain’t the thing you want to hear. At least not when you’ve been working just as hard as any other guy in the guild.

So ye. People always joke about how they should pretend to be girls, as they’d have things so much easier in game. I dare you, do it and weep. Personally, I like to pretend I’m a man while playing. Ever grouped up with a lovely mage who said his name was Harry? I probs owned your dps then.


6 Responses to “"You’re pretty good for a girl."”

  1. Are said

    I actually did play as a girl back in the day. That was back when the acronym RP actually meant something. It was great fun and gave the game more depth for me. I did experience some of the interest from guys that you write about though. For me that was all just a good laugh. If a guy is going romantic on me because my character name is Elektra and not Grishnak, then that’s just hilarious.

  2. Consolea said

    Think the difference is that I play on a PvE realm. Pretending to be a man has is fun sides aswell tho. Remeber doing a raid where a girl really went flirtatious on me, as she seemed to think Larry was an allright piece of man. Seeing as it’s WoW we’re talking about, I really wouldn’t be surprised if she showed up to be a guy faking it tho. It’s just a part of the magic in the game.

  3. Are said

    Yup, very few do the RP part very well tho, so they are mostly easy to spot, and with vent and all it’s hard to pretend.

  4. Consolea said

    I’ve promised myself to do some RPing one day, just to gather all the stories I like to make about my character in one place. Something about it just tempts me, it has for quite some time.

    When it comes to Vent, I’m not the chattiest person there when raiding. Seeing the /raid channel be filled with “your voice is so cute.” sure ain’t the thing I wish to be bothered with while raiding. I should get one of those voice changing gadgets you see on tv, haha.

  5. Are said

    “OMG we got Stephen Hawking on the channel!!!1!!!”

  6. Consolea said

    Hahaha, who could say no to having that in the raid?

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