Ulduar, schmulduar

April 15, 2009

Allright. Tonight is the launch night of Ulduar. A whole night filled with funky iron men and epic loot. And I’m not a fucking part of it. I know, I know, I said I’d try to convince the world that I actually had a life even tho I’m a gamer. But it’s a whole new raid we’re talking about here. Seeing as the last big wotlk raid was just some old stuff Blizzard found in a basement, this is exciting. The failing part of it, is that I’m working tonight. Damn, the whole magic with such things is the first look. And I’m missing it.

Even tho it’s geeky and sad to say, it can be annoying when you really want to endulge in pixels and pve, and you just can’t. Thinking of that, I wonder how I’m gonna find time to raid the next weeks, seeing how affected my boyfriend has become of the lovely spring time. What about “Ye, hay honey. You know, the sex is really, really great and all. But you know, it’s Tier 8. It’s half a tier more than what I’ve got now!”



4 Responses to “Ulduar, schmulduar”

  1. Are said

    I take it he doesn’t play himself then.

  2. Consolea said

    He tried once, just like he’s tried on other mmorpgs like Age of Conan and Guild Wars. But as things are now, I think his poor warlock is sleeping somewhere around Shattarth, and won’t be awaken by quite some time.

  3. Are said

    After a taste of PvP I was sold. PvE is ok, but I like to dominate. Dominating a gnoll with your char is like dominating your TV with your remote. There’s no real challenge.

  4. Consolea said

    Myself, I’m the least PvP loving person in my guild. Arena, Wintergrasp, Arathi Basin? You name it, I avoid it. If I’m ever doing PvP, I need to have my guildmates in a premade, Vent on and a strong sense of boredom that needs to be killed. PvP like that can be fun tho. One little mage running around with a whole set of healing and tanking body guards.

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