‘Zap nabs

April 14, 2009

Yup, hello. I’ve noticed some funky critique of gamers and geeks lately, saying that we have no life. Also, I read the other day that there are no girls on the interwebz. Well, I beg to differ.

I’m just your average gamer. You know, I raid a few days a week on WoW, spend a few nights on Ventrilo and still think of Super Mario and my old SNES as old treasures. I love my anime, and used to fall asleep with my game boy in bed. Oh ye, I’m a girl. (Yes, there are some of us on teh allmighty interwebz, be amazed.)

The thing is, I’m so bloody tired of all gamers beeing put in a box labeled “fat, nerdy and i-could-only-dream-of-having-a-rl-friend”. So, I’ll try to prove the opposite. I CAN HAS A LYFE!


5 Responses to “‘Zap nabs”

  1. Are said

    The question is rather – do you want to?

  2. Consolea said

    Well, I would say that. It just depends on how you choose to define the term to “have a life”. And by the way, thanks for commenting my posts. It’s somehow uplifting to know that what I write is read, even tho it’s just a quick glance.

  3. Are said

    I had a blog earlier myself (and another blog before they invented the term blog – did I mention that I’m old? 😛 ) so I know the feeling. There’s no point in posting if noone reads.

  4. Anders said

    O hai.

    This blog is just great, keep up the writing! Not just because you’re a girl and all that, but I fully agree with many of your statements. You also inspirated me to buy the missing cable for my SNES on eBay. Thank you!

    May I ask which server you play on WoW?

    – Anders.

  5. Consolea said

    Are: At least I know I have you to answer my comments, so I know I’m not all by myself on this blog. And, that I’m grateful of.

    Anders: Ooh, thanks a lot of the kinds words, feels great to know someone appreciate what I write. And when it comes to the SNES cable, I feel like a saint. If nagging about my Nintendo addiction brought a little SNES back to life, I’m happy. And ye: currently I have my main on Vashj, a medium populated PvP server.

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